Things Of Which You Should Probably Be Aware…

  • Whenever I walk to my car, I start clicking my little car alarm clicker to see how close I have to be until it unlocks.  It’s my own stupid little game, but I love it.
  • I take singing in the car to a whole new level.  What do I mean?  I mean that there are several songs on each mix CD I create dedicated to me imagining singing at a show.  Like, for people.  With a guitar.  These are the things I dream of, people.
  • If Andrew, my mom or dad, a friend, etc. is more than 15 minutes late from somewhere, I start to worry.  And in the case of Andrew, I start to call repeatedly.  Overzealously, perhaps.  What can I say?  I love him.  I worry.
  • I eat sandwiches in layers.  Usually, I eat the first half “as nature intended.”  The second half, though?  I peel off the bread, eat the cheese and meat, and then eat the bread after it’s gotten all soggy with condiments.  I find it delicious; most watching me find it horrifyingly disgusting.  And yet I could not care less.
  • Pizza obviously presents another conundrum: I peel off toppings, than cheese, then the doughy part and eat that with ranch dressing.  Only if I’m hungry will I eat the hard, crispy part at the bottom.  Also wildly attractive, as I’m sure you might imagine.
  • I am an introvert masquerading as an extrovert.  I’m friendly, enjoy people and all that jazz; however, I need time alone.  A lot of it.  Or at least time on the couch, Andrew next to me, with something mindless on and everything still.  This, by far, is what recharges my batteries.
  • I am obscenely proud of my handwriting.
  • When someone is performing, and they’re screwing up (i.e. singing off key, they fall while dancing, etc.) or embarrass themselves in any way, I tear up automatically.  I think being embarrassed in front of others while performing is the worst ever, and I just feel so bad.  This empathy, however, does NOT prevent me from mocking them in private at home.   I realize this makes the previous statement null and void.  I’m sorry.
  • I find it difficult to like myself if my toes aren’t painted.
  • I practice conversations in the car.  And talk to myself.  And also leave voice memos on my phone to myself, with important things to purchase at Target and whatnot.  And then I replay them in the store.  I’m the girl in Target with her phone shouting out things like “WINDEX!” and “DISHWASHER SOAP!”

What are your little quirks and idiosyncricies?



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10 responses to “Things Of Which You Should Probably Be Aware…

  1. kel

    Hey, crazy. It’s called a shopping list.

  2. LOL I do totally the same thing with mix CDs. I love singing along at the top of my lungs to certain songs and pretending I have an audience that is so awed with my talent they are rendered speechless. In junior high, I used my keyboard to add applause after each song (that was when I made mix *tapes*, I’d probably still do that on CDs if I was at all technically inclined).

    I also have to eat 2 M&Ms at a time, no more, no less. And preferably the same color. This is the only food/candy that I’m like that with. I can’t even begin to explain why I do that. I guess you find order where you can in life.

  3. Oh em geeeee with the singing in cars! I always would see people staring at me when I was stopped at lights…

    WHAT?! Are you really trying to tell me you can hear “Faith” without doing some George Michael hip thrusts in your seat?! I think NOT.

  4. Pam

    Love this list!!! My quirk is that I eat almost everything with a fork or spoon, no matter if it supposed to be eaten with your fingers. ie: pizza, finger sandwiches, etc. I wierd, but that is okay.

  5. Thanks for the inspiration, I have followed suit in posting quirks

  6. Haha, I do the same thing with my car alarm, but I panic when it opens from a distance so I quickly lock it so no one gets in my car. Paranoid much? lol

    I also find it difficult to like myself if my toes aren’t painted or the nail polich chipped. I feel like my outfit is incomplete.

  7. Haha! I totally do the same thing with my garage door opener – I will start pressing it down the street just to see how close I have to be. And, I should probably admit I get REALLY excited when it starts to open on the first try.

  8. Ditto handwriting, crying, and toes. Further expansion on crying, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel always makes me cry for some reason. And when I think about things that make me cry, my eyes get glossy like I’m drunk.

    I love it all!

  9. I rehearse important conversations by myself in my car too.

    I also fold my underwear, and they must be folded a very particular way, and then stacked in my drawer. If I don’t wear the pair that’s on top of the pile that day, then it has to go to the bottom of the pile. I have no idea why, but I HAVE TO DO IT. I realize this is a little OCD.

  10. tabithablogs

    It’s kind of freaky how many of the things you listed are the exact same quirky things I do:

    -Freaking out if people are late and I haven’t heard from them.
    -Introvert masquerading as extrovert: that whole statement could’ve been word-for-word ME talking, except replace Andrew with Joe.
    -Unpainted toes = icky feeling.
    -Practicing conversations/talking to myself. And though I don’t tend to make voice messages, I do make an insane amount of lists, and often make multiple lists for the exact same things, and rarely get it all done…like, EVER.

    Oh, and the pizza thing? I did that as a kid, and my sister did it for awhile, too. I guess we both grew out of it, but I totally get it. Although it is kind of gross to watch… 😛

    PS I can’t remember if I’ve ever commented, but I’ve been reading your blog since LiLu shared it, and I basically love it.

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