A few things that I found to be awesome that I wanted to share with you:


A twist on the usual bumper sticker, this elderly gentleman printed out two pieces of paper and taped them to his car with blue painters tape. Impressive, no? The sentiment on the first paper was that “Christ died for our sins…” and the second one read, “I guess that makes you and me pretty special.”

You, sir, are MOST DEFINITELY SPE-SHUL. Very, very special.

Next, I already shared about this project in my classroom here. Yesterday, I was grading and reading the posters when I came upon this little gem:


Tit shirts, eh? I’m praying, PRAYING, that this means “tight shirts.” Praying. Also, going to have to find a pretty little sticker before I DISPLAY THIS FOR OPEN HOUSE. I’m also adding “spelling” to my curriculum, because this week hasn’t exactly inspired confidence in my little word nerds.

Finally, the amazing LivItLuvIt posted this on her site and I can’t stop watching it. If you’ve been reading recently, you’ll understand why this is so appropriate.

Also, if you’re not watching It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia yet, than you’ve lost YOUR mittens, kittens. Seriously, go out, buy the DVD’s, download them, do what it takes. And be prepared to laugh hysterically.

Happy Saturday.



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4 responses to “AWESOME SIGHTINGS!

  1. L

    OMG, kitten mittens is effing hilarious

  2. I laughed so hard at that cat, I actually snorted. And now I feel like a horrible person.

  3. Don’t you LOVE it when they spell things wrong? And then you’re like, “Should I ask what that’s supposed to say???” I usually ask the special ed teacher. She knows what it’s supposed to say…

    And those homemade bumper stickers are PRICELESS!!

  4. Dude, I am so going to start making my own bumper stickers out of paper and tape! Genius!

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