Friday Round-Up


I swear, the appeal and magic of Fridays was totally lost on me over the summer when I wasn’t teaching. But now I’m back in the grind, and man! I love me some Friday. Here are some other things I’ve loved this week, and totally suggest you check out:

This method of journal writing is ROCKING MY WORLD. Seriously, I spend about 30 minutes writing in the morning, and it’s helping me incredibly. Try it. I swear!

—You should drop what you’re doing and read this post by one of my favorite online girlfriends, Kerri at Your Wishcake. She’s forever lovely, but this post was thought-provoking and awesome. Check it out.

—Once you’ve read that, and it’s on your mind, read this outstanding expose. Made me MAD!

—Have you read Kyla’s site yet? Well, she was honored as the 20-Something Blogger’s Featured Blogger this month. This post should show you why. The best part? She’s a total sweetheart.

—For your listening pleasure, check out Regina Spektor’s album, Far. It’s playful, well-written and basically awesome. I miss albums that you can listen to all the way through, without your finger itching to skip a song, and I listened to this one all the through. Twice. And probably again on my way home tonight.

—These printable ice cream tags are so stinking cute! And free!

—I’m really enjoying Sloane Crosley’s I Was Told There’d Be Cake. It’s a fun book of essays about being a 20-something. It’s pretty funny!

This book is saving my life right now. The recipes for desserts and chocolate and other goodies are making my foray into Weight Watchers bearable—enjoyable, even. If you’re on the weight loss path, than I highly suggest you check out this book, or at the very least, her website.

I hope your weekend is lovely! I’ll be trying to stop in and post; however, my weekend includes a pub crawl, some serious cleaning time, laundry, grading, a birthday potluck for a dear friend, custard-stuffed french toast and 500 Days of Summer, snuggling with my cat and Andrew, and hopefully some family time as well! What are you going to be doing?



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5 responses to “Friday Round-Up

  1. verybadcat

    love the butterfly weed pic!

    Hopefully, I’m having a friend come over and perform CPR on my lawnmower and whip my 2 overgrown acres into shape. The reward for his hard work? I’m taking him out for fried chicken. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Marti

    Summer or not – Friday’s are always my favorite day. Most of my friends work in fields other than teaching, so even in the summer Fridays announce party time in my world! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Katie

    I love Regina Spektor’s new album too-it’s addicting!

  4. Love those ice cream tags!!

  5. I LOVED that Sloane Crosley book. LOVED.

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