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The best way to change is to behave as if you’re already the person you wish to become.

I heard this last night, and it’s been on my mind ever since.

What sorts of decisions would you make? How would you treat others? What would you wear? Who would you spend time with? What would you avoid? How would you spend money? What would you eat?

I’ve been turning these things over in my mind all day. Leave me some inspiration in the comments, would ya?



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7 responses to “Thinking…

  1. Ace

    Hey, thanks for coming by today! It’s always fun to see someone new!

  2. Yessssss! Sister, do yourself a favor and get your little hands on a Tony Robbins’ CD. I listened to them while I was at work or in the car last spring and they really have helped me visualize who I want to be and the path I need to take to get there. Hell, you could probably even YouTube some of his speeches. I used to avoid him, thinking he was just another cheesy self-help guru, but the man makes you think. And it sticks with you!

  3. kel

    I’d wear booty shorts and a skanky top, because obviously I’m envisioning myself being a whore. A seksi whore.

  4. I can voucher for Tony Robbins. My mom was crazy about his book two decades ago and is a real believer.
    As for inspiration, I’d say take a walk at midnight. Things look so different and it helps me clear my head. Then again, I live in suburbia, where nothing happens, so if you live in the inner city, I’m not so sure it’s a good idea to take a walk alone around that time of the night.
    In any case, take a run tomorrow morning. It usually works 🙂
    Thanks for stopping over at my blog too! ❤

  5. In high school I was a really shy, introverted geek. I always wished I was outgoing and fun, so when I went to college that’s how I acted, nad then that’s just how I was after that. And it was great.

  6. That is a fantastic quote. Also love the photo!

  7. I bought Anthony Robbin’s CD’s and put them on my ipod. I listen to them while I’m in the car or when I’m doing housework. He says stuff like that all the time and it really makes me think.

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