I don’t like ’em either, sister.

So, the thing I hate most about the beginning of the year are those stupid ice breakers teachers make kids do. I don’t like “interviewing a partner!” or going around collecting signatures from people who have more than 3 cats or have visited another country. I refuse to do it.

At the start of every year, my students do an assignment called a Word Snapshot.  Basically, they make lists of words that are meaningful to them.  There are 12 categories, such as foods, TV shows, incidents to remember, hopes, dreams, likes and dislikes (of particular importance to this story) and other things that are important to the student at the time.  After making it, they present it to the class, and we learn something about them.  I display the posters on the wall, and it makes for a pretty colorful classroom.  There’s more detail, but that’s really not important for this incident.

One of my students had her poster out on the desk when I was checking in homework.  It was really colorful and creative, see?:


But something weird caught my eye:


So, I asked her why it said, “Testes” on her poster, a little nervous about what she’d tell me.

She very sweetly replied, “Oh, I don’t like taking tests because I get so nervous.”

Aaaaah. TESTS.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of either.



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13 responses to “I don’t like ’em either, sister.

  1. ohhayitskk

    this is hysterical. i laughed out loud at my desk. also, i used to HATE doing icebreakers, which i was forced to do up through college.

  2. HA! That’s hilarious. I also love that Robert Pattinson was on her sheet.

  3. LOL, I love it – what a great assignment, btw!!!

  4. Christina

    Awesome idea for an icebreaker! And I agree… TESTS are bad! :o)

  5. Awesome, you’re my kind of teacher. My sister and I still make up inspiration boards from time to time with magazine pictures and words when we need a dose of inspiration to kick us in the ass.

    Amazing how the tiniest little spelling mistake can completely change the meaning of something eh? I have worked in marketing and my favourite was when people would accidentally spell “public relations” as “pubic relations.”

  6. HA! That’s adorable. And a relief.

    Love the “OMG!” No explanation necessary…

  7. This may be weird, but I really like her handwriting. It’s so neat and pretty.

  8. Courtney Faye Colon!

    Remember when your kids had to make turkeys?! ahahaha…

  9. Madeline

    BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHahahaha so funny. She was totally playing you- she knew EXACTLY what she was writing and played it off like she can’t spell. 😉 haha, so funny

  10. kel

    Wondering why the word “Crab” didn’t get your attention?

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  12. Maria

    Hi, I really like this assignment. I’m a fifth grade teacher starting school on Sept. 2nd. I wondered if you could e-mail me a bit more about how you present this assignment (you alluded to more detailed instructions in your post). I have tons of scrapbook paper that I could use for it. I love the idea! Thanks for sharing. Hope to hear from you when time allows in your schedule.

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