Good things, Sunday Edition

1. Sleeping in the world’s most comfortable hotel bed again.

2. Re-reading a favorite book in the bath.

3. Getting a new tire & my amazing, sweet Dad fixing my brakes & saving me a boatload of money.

4. Andrew stopping me on our way out the door this morning to tell me I looked pretty.

5. Kisses on stairs so we are close to the same height.

6. My first workout in waaayyy too long & feeling fabulous afterwards.

7. Actually looking forward to work because all my lessons are planned, & I am ready to go.

8. Pandora radio on my iPhone.

9. Naps, glorious naps.

10. Being inspired to return to journalling in my paper journal.



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2 responses to “Good things, Sunday Edition

  1. “Re-reading a favorite book in the bath”

    I need to do some of this today.

  2. Christina

    Sounds like a great day! You so deserved it! 🙂

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