Practicing For The Nursing Home

We’re having a problem.  It seems like a little problem, but it’s kind of a big one.  Here is the issue:

Photo selected to represent the behavior of said cat

Photo selected to represent the behavior of said cat

The problem is that Harry talks.  Like, meows ALL THE TIME.  Including at night.  Usually, I can get up and chase him with the spray bottle, and he’ll shut up.  But sometimes, it goes on.  And on.  AND ON.  And freaking on.

It’s annoying.  Particularly at 4:00 am, when I am trying to sleep.  Or at midnight, when again, I’m trying to sleep.   And Andrew?  Andrew has NOT adjusted well.  He, um, hates my cat.  Like, hates the hell out of him.  Every day, he mentions putting him the crock-pot, or leaving the door open, or any other numerous types of torture, all thanks to Harry’s midnight chat sessions.

Andrew has found a new solution: EAR PLUGS.  Despite previous posts indicating otherwise, I am a light sleeper.  This means that I am unable to enjoy them, as I’m afraid of missing my alarm (meaning I may or may not check that I’ve set it at least 5 times before falling asleep).

The new problem is this:  I try and engage Andrew in our typical night time conversation—not nearly as sexy as it sounds, usually asking him about what he wants to do for dinner the following evening, or droning on about what I’m going to teach the next day, and I’m met with, “Huh?” or “What?”   He has to pull them out, and then put them back in, until I find something else riveting to share.

Last night, in the middle of a five-minute conversation, I got upwards of 10 HUH’S? before I finally forced him to take out the damn ear plugs.  Also, we were laughing so hard by the end of it that I could barely breathe.  I suppose it’s good practice for when we’re old and our conversations consist solely of “WHAT’D YOU SAY?” and “SPEAK UP!”

Not gonna lie: he got a great night of sleep and didn’t ask me once how long cats live.  I’ll take the muddled night conversations to stop the murder talk.

Any cat-whisperers out there have a great solution?  Because I’m losing my mind, and my ability to chat with my favorite person before bed.


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4 responses to “Practicing For The Nursing Home

  1. OMG I can’t wait to see if someone has a solution for you. We are in exactly the same boat, except add to that boat a 1 year old who also wakes up at 3am. Last night I was scream-whispering “shut the eff up you stupid effing cat!!!!” I don’t know why he gets so howly, he’s not hungry, or cold, or thirsty, or straining to go to the bathroom, nothing. Just bored, I guess.

  2. Steph

    Our first cat did this and we also thought she was bored. We got her a friend, his name is The Dude. He pretty much keeps her occupied. They gang up on us when they are hungry but the nutty, pointless, night-time mewing has ended. Thank god.

  3. Kirsten

    We had this problem with our Siamese (Yoshi) the first summer we had him. We tried many things including reading up on nighttime routines. We tried a clicker to indicate it was time to go to bed followed by closing the bedroom door. My husband wore earplugs and that helped him. I guess I loved him (the cat that is) so much that I just adapted. (Although I do admit that trying to talk to someone with earplugs in is FRUSTRATING!) Thankfully as the seasons changed and it was darker for longer in the morning Yoshi was less talkative. This summer has been much better. He does have 3 kitty friends which I think once he got to know them made his life much better and made him less interested in his humans and more interested in those he could rough house with. Hang in there! P.S. I love reading your blog! I’m a teacher too and can so relate to much of what you post. Your blog is one of my favorite daily reads.

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