Today Has Been A Good Day…

  • My sweetheart of a boyfriend woke up early, made me breakfast AND packed my lunch!  He’s basically the best.  I mean, I always think that, but this was stellar.
  • The girl at Starbucks was congenial, there was NO LINE and my coffee was delicious!  Love that.
  • I had a great conversation with friends before school, and I am just so happy to have my friends around all the time again.
  • A student shyly asked if she could show me the book she’s writing.  This is impressive and awesome enough; however, the book is STUNNINGLY AWESOME.  Amazingly well-written, good pacing, and sort of Twilight-esque.  She’s only five chapters in and I was so sad when it ended.  I love it when students surprise me like that.
  • Teaching has been painless today, and my students are starting to show their little personalities.  I love that.
  • I’m getting ready to make some really positive changes that I’m stoked about.
  • Everything seems to be falling into place, and I’m finding myself more and more able to deal with little bumps in the road as they come along.

What was good about your day today?



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8 responses to “Today Has Been A Good Day…

  1. pinwheel28

    I hope I am able to write a blog like this 4 days after I start school…:) Glad it’s off to a great start!

  2. pinwheel28

    Except I have a feeling no one will be making me breakfast or lunch.

  3. Hmm, what was good about my day? Well, I just ate the most awesomely delicious burger ever. And now I can barely keep my eyes open. Glorious food coma.

  4. tabithablogs

    reading about other people’s good days is about as good as my day gets. fortunately, in spite of all the crappiness of my day, i really do feel better when i read stuff like your post here. call it living vicariously. or looking forward to good things i know are coming. or something. 😛

  5. CHi

    steak tacos and a 3 mile run this morning!

  6. Madeline

    Great day at work, making new friends, yummy coffee, great shrimp dinner, and a 6mi bikeride last night!

  7. Don’t you just LOVE days like this? When it feels like the sun is shining for you and you have an extra spring in your step?

    Here’s to several more days just like it!

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