She’s Always A Woman To Me…

This post by Chelsea (one of this week’s current obsessions) about being a woman made me think a lot.  In it (seriously, though—ignore my summary and read the original—worth it!) she discusses the sort of woman she is, and the kind she wants to be.  It made me think a lot about who I am, about who I’m trying to become, and at the end of the day the sort of woman I’d like to be.  Sure, I have a subscription to Real Simple, a bundt cake pan, a rice cooker, and I can usually find my way out of any bad situation in the kitchen.  I have a real, grown-up job, and a long-term relationship, and a cat.  I can usually pay my bills (most of the time, okay?!) and I’m what most would consider an adult.

Sometimes, I still feel like a little girl.  I think of all the things I want to do, the kind of woman I wish I was.  I wish I was the person who looked at a breakfast menu, ignored the delicious breakfast food and went straight for the egg whites or the fruit and yogurt plate instead of the pancakes or an omelette, with potatoes or toast.  I wish I was the kind of girl who popped out of bed every day at 5:30 for a run and enjoyed it.  I wish I was the tiny, itty-bitty girl whose jeans were forever falling off because she’s so little.

I wish I ate big salads.  I wish I was always cheerful and nice, and never grumpy or sarcastic or mean-spirited.  I wish I was the first friend people called when they want to go out because they know I’m fun.  I want to be that girl who goes to baseball games and can drink beer with the guys and chow down on hot dogs.  I wish I was talented enough in art to sell my stuff and be respected.  I wish my blog had a bigger following, and I got swag and sponsors and all of that.  I wish I was the girl whose outfits were imitated and coveted.

I’m not complaining.  I’ve come a long way in the self-esteem department, and for the most part, I’m a pretty happy girl, with who I am, the choices I make, the things I do and feel and am.  Still, sometimes it’s fun to dream about the things I’m not, and what it’d be like if those were the things I was…

Who do you wish to be sometimes?



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6 responses to “She’s Always A Woman To Me…

  1. kel

    Ditto on just about everything. And I’d like to add that I’d also like to be the girl who prefers actual people’s company rather than the voices in my head.

  2. I’d like to be the woman who is a little freer with her affection and a little more reserved with her criticism.

    I’d also like to be able to eat big salads, but that’s a digestive issue.

  3. Pam

    I agree with everything you said. I want to start getting up in the mornings and start running because when I get home from work, that is the last thing on my mind…

    I wish I traveled more, not just to neighboring states, but out east or west more. I feel like I’m in this bubble and I can’t get out.

  4. Ari

    I agree with everything as well – but I also wish I was the girl that had enough presence to command a room; the girl that always had a pleasantly witty retort; and the girl that made friends easily. . .

    • This seems to be a common theme with ladies our age. I actually just started to read a book called 20 Something 20 Everything. It’s all about being in your twenties and even thirties and dealing with all the expectations from others and our own, trying to establish our lives while figuring out who we are and what we want!!! It’s pretty good! It has lots of journaling exercises to help you work through your thoughts. I recommend it, if only to hear that you are not alone!!!

  5. Oh geez, I wish too many things. And not just to be ‘any certain person’. But usually someone I know IRL. Which is worse, cuz then, when I see them, it’s a constant “OH CRAP I’M STILL LESS THAN THEY ARE” type of lameness that goes through my head.

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