Current Obsessions…

It never fails that I can find things to read and obsess over.  Here are a few from this week:

—Mark Bittman of the New York Times posted 101 salad ideas here.  While some of them are a bit strange, most of them sound absolutely delicious.  Plus, there are some good recipes on there for dressings and such.  Yummy, healthy and perfect for summer when I’m so not about heating up my apartment!

—This crafty blog that has so much inspiration, I could scream.  Seriously IN LOVE with it.  Squee!

—I found my way to these adorable headbands via Marta and may have to order one as soon as I can pick my favorite!  I love little punches of color that dress up some of my boring outfits—and since I’m a big fan of Variation on A Black Shirt, there are a lot of them.

This blog that I found by way of her comments on another blog.  Honest writing, fantastic topics and all-around goodness.  She says she’s talking smack, but I don’t see it—I think she’s lovely.

—Music by this girl.

—Singing the theme song to Gilmore Girls to Andrew in my most awful, intentionally horrible, off-key voice.  Yep, it’s charming!  He loves it.

—My obsession with the Gilmore Girls is reaching scary levels.

This gorgeous song that I’ve been listening to on repeat.

Tell me what you’re obsessed with.  Feed my sickness!



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8 responses to “Current Obsessions…

  1. kel

    I already emailed the headband site to my crazy sister so she can have something new to obssess (sp) about…

  2. I always have a small obsession going on in the back of my mind for Gilmore Girls, but right now it’s The West Wing (Josh Lyman & Sam Seaborn are my tv boyfriends right now) and Friday Night Lights (because Tim Riggins & Coach Taylor, yum!).

    Beer has been my obsession the last couple of weeks, I blame it on the heat. I’m not very good with being adventurous in my choices but in the heat it’s great.

    And btw – I have the GG theme song as my ring tone for my momma. 😉

  3. Last night I as at Trivia Night at my local brewery and one of the categories was TV Theme Songs and one of the songs was the Gilmore Girls song. AWESOME.

    I love Chelsea Talks Smack, too. She used to talk a lot more smack, but then she went and fell in loooooovvvvvvve. She’s still totally awesome, though. 🙂

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  5. tabithablogs

    gilmore girls is definitely an obsession of mine. i think i’ve watched the entire series from start to finish at least three times in the last year. and i’m all about singing songs to my fiance in my worst possible voice. 😛

  6. Seriously, no one is more obsessed with GG than I am. As evidenced by the fact that I abbreviate it to GG. I want to live in Star’s Hollow. Badly.

  7. You know what’s funny? One of things I wish to be is like YOU. I wish I could write all funny and introspectively. So there. Jeans falling off would be nice too.

  8. Ok now I feel dumb… the above comment was supposed to be for the “She’s a Woman to me” blog. I can’t get anything right..

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