Always, Sometimes, Never


—Drink coffee in the morning.  A day without coffee is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

—Listen to NPR in the morning for a bit.

—Wear skirts and dresses to work

—Have to have a little bit of snuggle time with Andrew before heading to sleep

—Check Twitter and my email first thing in the morning


—Take a bath when I get home at night when I want to relax

—Talk to myself in the car, either practicing lessons that I need to teach or conversations I am hoping to have

—Wish I was brave enough to move to a brand new place, just to experience life in a new way

—Think about how cool it’d be to be a rock star.  Or at least play the guitar.

—Wish I was a kid again.


—Throw up.  Ever.  Nearly 13 years.

—Watch scary movies.

—Leave the house without my cell phone

—Deal with conflict very well

—Eat spicy food

What are your always, sometimes, nevers?

*Thanks to one of the loveliest girls around, Kyla Roma, for this inspiration.



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3 responses to “Always, Sometimes, Never

  1. kel

    First you wear heels to work, now you’re practicing lessons in the car–implying that you still give a shit after 2 (or is it 3?) years. Wow. You’re still a rookie, sister.

    But I’ll continue to talk to you because I, too, wear pretty much nothing but dresses to work. Dresses which are not a) denim or b) embroidered.

  2. Dude, I am obsessed with NPR in a way that is unnatural. Carl Kassell is like my David Beckham.

  3. always: drink coffee in the morning, check email and Twitter over coffee, am running late for work (ALWAYS), listen to NPR in the car, read before bed

    (too many sometimes…) 🙂

    never: throw up (me either! okay, VERY rarely), watch horror movies, eat sushi

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