Erase The Hate

Since going on summer break, I’ve had many negative sentiments directed my way from the working populus, namely “Suck it!” and other choice phrases indicating jealousy of my summer break.

Well, they can all stop now.  Because I am definitely back at work.  Yes, starting today I’ll have over 100 new 13-year-olds to mold, shape and torture.  If you hear a whimpering sound coming from a child later, it’s likely they’ve been in my classroom.  I run a tight ship, and the first two weeks are all about putting the fear into the children.

I’ve been doing this for awhile; however, I still get nervous!  Last year’s class was like a sweet dream—they were great.  I always worry about the little hellions I’ll be getting.

Anyways, if you think of it, send some good vibes this way.

Or a bottle of wine.



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6 responses to “Erase The Hate

  1. sending good vibes AND a vat of wine! seems like summers get shorter and shorter.


  2. denimdebutante

    Good vibes, all the way! Stay strong… 100 13-year-olds are frightening!

  3. kel

    I’m not sending vibes or wine (too cheap for that). I am, however, available for free, unsolicited, sometimes shitty advice.

  4. party_shoes

    Good vibes! 13 year olds are terrifying! You’re doing a service to humanity.

  5. pinwheel28

    Yeah, you’ll stop getting the “You’re so lucky, you suck, etc” but you know you’ll still get the “Yeah but you get out at what time, 3?” The outsiders…they’ll never get it.

  6. I’m not a big drinker at all, but this summer my campers have been wearing me down! Mikes Hard Lemonade has become my friend. I’m such a lightweight, I can only drink half a bottle. hehe. and dude, getting out at three does NOT negate the extreme exhaustion that comes in the form of small children, even if they are only there from 9-3

    Want a Mikes?

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