Can we just be honest about something for a second here?

Deep breath.

Sometimes, I can be horribly, horribly jealous of friendships. Or if not jealous, maybe than just pessimistic about friendships. See, ever since I wrote about these little shenanigans, there have been some other developments, if you will. I sent a letter and got no response. I heard some updates through the grapevine, and Facebook stalking (no judgment!). And while yes, there are plenty of friends in my life, I’ve felt a little bummed out in the friendship department with the loss of some of my closest friendships this year.

I am not going to lie: I get jealous of what other people seem to have in their friendships. A bunch of bloggers met up in Vegas—they’ve formed amazing friendships, and I’ve never really met anyone I blog with. BlogHer was this past weekend, and I didn’t go, therefore missing out on meeting a lot of other bloggers—and let’s be real, a ton of free swag that sounded freaking awesome. Reading the tweets of people meeting up, seeing that people I love and admire online were meeting one another and drinking together and I was here watching endless Gilmore Girls and doing nothing and AHHHHH! Friendships in real life can be difficult, too—with my closest friends scattered all over the country, work schedules, school schedules, weddings, babies, and general growing apart, it can seem pretty lonely.

But something shifted for me yesterday.

Yesterday, morning, I had the chance to pick my friend Jamie up at the airport. Jamie and I met nearly six years ago when she moved to Sacramento, before moving back to her hometown of Portland. She recently returned from spending a year living in Chile and Argentina, and had an amazing experience. One of my favorite things about Jamie is that she is deep—meaning that our conversations always delve beneath surface catching up, and into “real” life. We got some coffee and had some good conversation. It was so nice to catch up and talk about life with someone who’s been around for many of the seasons of my life.

Last night, I met up with my old friend Stacy for a drink. Stacy and I met in college and were extremely close friends for a long time. We used to take walks, enjoy frozen yogurt, eat ice cream, read magazines and drink endless coffee together. Stacy and her husband moved to Seattle a few years ago, and we slowly grew apart. We reunited last night, and had the best time. Everything fell into place again and it felt like old times. It was so great to chat and laugh and have girl talk with my old friend.

As I drove home last night, with my sunroof open and my music up, I felt so, so grateful. Sure, I may not have gone to BlogHer, and I may not have done the Vegas Meet-Up, and people I valued and loved may have moved forward, but I am so damn lucky. So lucky. My friends are scattered around the country, but they are there. I come home every night to a guy who loves me, and who I adore; I have an amazing family who never fails me.

Sometimes, it’s nice to remember just how blessed I am.



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  1. kel

    Aww….funny. I think you and I have been experiencing the same emotions lately. but you already know that. Glad one of us was able to reconnect!

  2. Amy

    This post really resonated with me, because I have had similar feelings (I think most of us do, unless you were at BlogHer). I think the most important thing is to stay connected, even if it’s just you making the connection (which can be frustrating). Recently I reconnected with a friend and found that we were the same people and still enjoyed the same things and had a blast. I have also reconnected with an acquaintance who I didn’t realize was a friend (if that makes any sense). The bottom line is that we need to make friendships a habit and consciously make time to stay connected. My problem is that I get too caught up in my work and stay in my shell; I have to schedule in time for my “friendship maintenance” and remember the awesome people that are, indeed, my friends.

  3. I am prone to this as well. And I *so* wish I could have gone to BlogHer also, but I’m determined to save up and make it out there next year.

    Anyway, I know what you mean. I think I might have gotten over this hurdle recently but I used to always be jealous of people who had great groups of friends. I always knew one person here and there but none of my friends actually knew each other and it never seemed like a good group of friends. And I wanted that. What actually did it finally was one of my friends and I decided to organize a monthly “Girl’s Night” so that we could create a group of girls who knew each other. We didn’t really know what to expect, or if it would really create a group of friends, but it took off like wildfire and the 4 girls that come each one have become my best friends over the last year and I feel SO grateful that we did this and that I have these girls in my life.

    I should totally do a post about Girl’s Night.

  4. Christina

    So glad it went well last night! Yay! Also, you did meet someone you know through the internet/facebook/twitter/blogging… me! hehehe So glad we did! : )

  5. I feel you about BlogHer, reading all the tweets of people having so much fun was depressing at times. But then I remember that just because I wasn’t there didn’t mean that the lasting friendships I do have are going away.

    And besides, there’s nothing wrong with curling up with a Gilmore Girls marathon. I’ve been known to do it regularly. 🙂

  6. I know what you mean, sometimes its so easy to get caught up in what you’re missing out on that you end up forgetting about all of the wonderful things in your life. I’m glad you’re feeling better about the whole thing. 🙂

  7. Madeline

    I couldn’t agree more with the feeling you’re having. We’ve talked about this before too, but it’s SO true. Friends get caught up in their own lives- which I can’t be mad about because we all do this at some point- but when it happens too often you look back and they are all gone. I get really jealous of awesome groups of friends- those groups of friends that when they want to go do something, they ALWAYS think of each other and call each other to go out….Those are the groups that will grow and grow because once they have spouses and chidren, they are all included. yeah. I want that. But I like your outlook- at least we HAVE friends :o) And to be thankful for all we have….
    ~it’s also nice to know that there are many people who feel the same.
    Good post!

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  9. Oh, sweetie, I’ve been in ‘that place’ in the past. Glad you felt better afterwards.

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