Yesterday, I decided against paying $13 for Internet in our hotel room & relyed on my trusty iPhone instead. Also, the hotels cable is severely lacking. No Bravo? Hello?

Anyways, in my Internet and TV free five hours, I managed to:

–type 10 weeks of lesson plans & make several power point presentations I need for teaching.

–Plan 2+ weeks of meals

–Sync my Google calendar & iPhone & write all upcoming dates in my backup planner

–Make a dentist appointment (more on this later)

–Schedule a vet appointment for Harry

–Edited Tahoe pictures (will be shared later)

Is it a coincidence? Um, I think the Internet and TV are ruining my life.



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2 responses to “Thinking

  1. I burned some butter to the bottom of a pan last night because I was on Twitter LOL.

  2. kel

    Nice work on the lesson plans! BTW..our new textbook adoption has every lesson plan electronically organized by date. Cha-ching!

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