Typewriter Love


Aaaah, typewriters. I’m not sure where my love of typewriters began. Perhaps it was with my Papa Lou-Lou, my dad’s dad, who died last year. He used to type letters on his old, black typewriter and send them to us. I had never really seen or used one, growing up in the computer age, but had always been fascinated with them.

My school holds a yearly rummage sale, and my good friend Brittany snagged a gorgeous teal typewriter I was always envious of. One day, she left it in my room. I was thrilled! It sits proudly on my desk at home now, brightening up the room—it’s very similar to the teal typewriter of above.

I’ve always had an obsession with writerly things, and mail. This seems to blend the two perfectly—I always think of what it must have been like to type out letters to friends and loved ones in the pre-email days.

I’ve typed a bit on mine, and I must admit that while the sound is endearing and the type is fun, I do prefer old-fashioned e-mail. For now, I’ll settle on a decorative piece, and my ring, of course.


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5 responses to “Typewriter Love

  1. My mother had that blue one when I was growing up, it was good fun. Back when you could use carbon paper to make a copy of what you were typing. That wasn’t messy…

    I have two now, an Olivetti that was my grandmother’s that came in a sweet little carrying bag, and another that’s in a hard case. It’s locked in to the case so it doesn’t jostle, and you could probably kill somebody with it. They may not have had computers back in the day, but they were pretty ingenious with the things they did have.

  2. My parents had one I loved too.

    I wonder where it is. Super cute! And the clickity click of a typewriter is WAY better than the CHUNKITY CHUNK of a keyboard for the computer.

  3. I just last night read “Nutcracker.com” by David Sedaris, where he talks about how he hates computers, loves typewriters, etc. I like them too, there’s something so serenely old-skool about them, it’s comforting somehow.

  4. I have a type writer ket bracelet withy my first initial just like your ring. I got it because my parents were cruel and didn’t spell my name the normal way and thus was never ever able to buy anything that had my name on it for school like a coffeee mug or pencils.

  5. Oooh, love the teal typewriter…and great collage! I have a red typewriter I picked up a year ago at a Woodland thrift store for $3. (Haven’t used it tho–needs a better ribbon.) I, my dear, began my WORK LIFE using typewriters. Back when “typing class” (in high school) was just that. 🙂 So it took me awhile to find them endearing…since for a good long while, I simply associated them with the most horrific kind of “9 to 5” memories. Ha! 🙂

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