A new ring, shameless self-promotion, and boiled eggs…


I picked up this ring from the Vintage Typewriter booth at Renegade yesterday. Since I’m obsessed with all things writerly, and happen to own a super-cute vintage typewriter, I couldn’t help but pick this up. Plus, I love the “A”—it does double duty for me, thanks to it being the first letter of my name, and of Andrew’s. It’s adorable, if I do say so myself.

Also, I submitted an article to Work It, Mom and it was published today! Check out my thoughts on how to get along with your child’s teacher. Or, just check out the byline—it was a sick thrill!

Finally, I boiled an egg for breakfast today (boring, I know, no one cares what I had for breakfast!) but this has lead to me spending a ridiculous time researching egg cups online, and coveting them. Here’s my favorite:


Sigh. I need it. How cute is the robin’s egg blue? I can see myself, enjoying a perfectly soft-boiled egg, with a big cup of coffee and the sun streaming in. Clearly, this will be in a future life, when I am just a writer, not a teacher who usually leaves the house with a piece of peanut butter toast shoved in my mouth.



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5 responses to “A new ring, shameless self-promotion, and boiled eggs…

  1. britt

    I hear it is a rather good looking typewriter!

  2. Soft boiled eggs and steamy coffe- you just made me antsy for Sunday.

  3. Ari

    I love that egg cup!!

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  5. Dentist appointment???? REALLY! Way to be girl!

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