Busy bee!

*photo by Leslie Callan

After a summer of unabashed laziness, it’s finally coming to a close. I spent yesterday with Leslie, wandering the streets of San Francisco, and NOT SWEATING in the gorgeous San Francisco weather. I’ll be back later with a ton more pics.

Until then, I’ll be having a panic attack getting ready for the next 5 days. Tonight, I’ll be having some friends over, and need to clean, bake and prep for that. Tomorrow, I have to head to work and prep for my epic return next Monday, before going to a tennis match for a birthday present I got for Andrew back in May. Wednesday, we’re getting out of here to head to Lake Tahoe for a mini-getaway before Andrew plays a big poker tournament in Reno. We’ll come home Friday, before once again heading to the Bay Area Sunday to see Counting Crows perform (nope, it’s not 1995, but they’re still Andrew’s favorite band and they were another birthday gift!).

Oh, and then Monday? Back to the classroom.

This entry exhausted me enough. I’ll definitely be blogging “from the road” and sharing some pictures from this weekend. Until then, enjoy my wind-whipped hair, and Leslie and I laughing hysterically on top of Twin Peaks in San Francisco.



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4 responses to “Busy bee!

  1. Jen

    Jealous squared! You know how I feel about the city, but I wanna go to Counting Crows, too!

  2. So very jealous! Love San Fransisco!

  3. amanda

    i wanted to go to that concert sooooo bad!!! ughhhh. have fun for me and tell andrew i think he’s awesome (counting crows are my absolute favorite).


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