Do you hate yourself?

Then give up sugar. It’s been since Saturday, and I feel soooo gross. Headache, stomachache & a case of the Raging Bitch.

The good side? I have lost 1.6 lbs.

The bad part?

I am miserable. Everyone says that the first two weeks are the worst, so I am holding on.

Did I mention we decided to give up dairy, too?

Like I said, I reaalllyyyy hate myself.



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8 responses to “Question

  1. you are a brave brave soul… my coffee would not taste the same and I would lose weight from the dairy aspect since I eat cheese every day…

  2. F that noise. There’s no reason on this planet that would ever make me give up sugar. Seriously. F it.

    There are plenty of dairy alternatives that are pretty good. I’m digging the SO Delicious and Blue Diamond stuff. I’m lactose intolerant so am trying to give up MOST dairy, but there’s no way I could ever part with my secret lover: cheese.

  3. Sam

    OMG – dairy, too? What ARE you eating? My hat is off to you, Amy! Bless, bless your heart. Hang in there; I know it’s hard. I am not completely*off* sugar but I feel like I’m doing so much better.

  4. Oh, you are a brave girl. I’d probably scratch someone’s eyes out to get my 3pm M&Ms fix.

    I felt AWESOME when I gave up dairy, but that’s another story 😉

    Hang on, you’ll get there!!!!

  5. You are AWESOME, my dear, that is no mean feat. Feel proud of yourself! By the way I’m addicted to sugar to approximately the same degree as you describe your fondness for the stuff, and when I’ve gone on no-sugar kicks in the past, it gets immensely easier after the first week.

    Also, one of the guys I dated last year had a severe dairy allergy so I was introduced to lots of dairy alternatives. The lack of cheese would probably be a little unattainable for me, but I really like almond milk as a substitute for regular milk. Yummy in coffee and on cereal. Just a suggestion if rice milk and soy milk aren’t your thing.

  6. Wow, that is two incredibly difficult things to give up. Keep up the good work and congrats on the 1.6! Don’t forget to treat yourself : )

  7. wordsofwinsome

    black coffee… yuck!

  8. I cut sugar recently as part of this intense diet exercise thing I’m doing. seriously I just run better, burn fat much faster, and don’t crash. But understand this. The 1st few days were hell on earth. For I love sugar. Sugar is my therapy. My drug. I have a love affair with cake batter ice cream from Coldstones.

    I need to stop writing about this. cravings suck.

    congrats on your 1.6 loss 🙂

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