Currently obsessed with…


*How cute is this? I need this print. Like, yesterday. The next time I have an extra $20? I’ll be ordering this to hang above my desk. I even have a vintage typewriter it’ll look adorable with.

*Andrew and I sat up laughing hysterically at Emails From An Asshole last night. It’s a collection of emails that a guy wrote in reply to classified ads. The replies are ridiculous and both of us laughed so hard. Check it out, have a laugh.

*I love, love, love Danielle LaPorte. Her blog is full of great suggestions, good poems, and amazing music. Whenever she shows up in my feed reader, I know for sure I’m going to read something awesome. She challenges me and inspires me with all of her posts. She’s definitely worth checking out.

*I read a lot while on vacation, and I really, really can’t recommend Jhumpa Lahiri enough. I’d read her novel The Namesake and her collection of short stories, Unaccustomed Earth and while I was in Illinois, I devoured Interpreter of Maladies. The stories in it are amazingly well-written and her characters are so believable. I love her writing because she tells amazing stories that you can relate to, and captures details that are gritty and raw. I’d recommend any of her books if you’re looking for a great read.

*I also read All New People by my hero, Anne Lamott. I am usually a bigger fan of her essays than her fiction, but I enjoyed this book tremendously. She writes beautiful characters and stories. Plus, I just adore her.

*I know I already wrote an ode to my iPhone, but I really am in love. I have my calendar all synced thanks to the application SaiSuke, I can track my spending with Balance and my food with Lose It. ALL FOR FREE. I am in love.

*Have you heard of Swaptree? I joined awhile back, but only recently started trading. I’ve gotten rid of a few books I’m not interested in and gotten a few that I really want. It’s cheap—you only have to cover shipping—and you get to clear clutter. As a chronic over-buyer of books, it’s nice to get rid of some while getting new books! Check it out!

What are YOU obsessed with this week?



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5 responses to “Currently obsessed with…

  1. Those iPhone apps sound amazing- I’m going to have to check them out! And I can’t handle how sweet that little print is. Love!

  2. L

    I totally thought of you when I saw that print.

  3. Wheeee thanks for all the great links!

  4. Staying warm!! It’s the middle of winter here, and especially cold this week. I’ve got an awesome combo of flannelette sheets, wool duvet and polar fleece blanket on my bed, with my electric blanket on before I get in and a hottie for the rest of the night. I’m so toasty warm when my alarm goes off that I keep pressing snooze, even though I know I feel so much better if I get up right away. This morning I accidentally pressed the off button and woke up a bit later than I should have, oops!

  5. wordsofwinsome

    so, it was a good book then? Yeah, I’m glad you read it… have you been watching eppies of Gilmore Girls also?

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