The times, they are a changin’…

Well, well, well.

You all seem to think I’m much more exciting than I am. Just to set the record straight: I’m not moving. I’m DEFINITELY not pregnant. And I promise you’re going to be wholly disappointed in this post.

A few weeks ago, Moose wrote about reading the book Potatoes Not Prozac and as she wrote more and more about it, and we had an email or two about it, and I did some research online, I felt like I was reading my own story. When I got the book from the library, I was even more convinced. Basically, the book details how some people are what the author calls “sugar sensitive” and sugar acts as a drug in their body. This means that you really, really love sugar and crave it (CHECK!), can experience anxiety, depression, and mood swings (CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!) and it’s all caused by sugar.

While I was in Illinois, I didn’t hold back: I ate sugar, horseshoes, dessert, and whatever I wanted. And then I paid attention to how I felt. And while it was delicious and believe me, I enjoyed every bite of it while eating it, I had to admit that I saw a lot of the patterns written about in the book. None of this was a surprise to me; I’m quite in tune with my moods and feelings. But this connection to how food—something I love, use as a comfort and think of as a pleasure—is literally affecting my biochemistry is new.

That being said, I’ve given up sugar. It’s been only 36 hours and…well, it’s been difficult. I love sweets. Even when I’ve stuck to a low calorie diet, I’ve always made room for a sweet treat every single day. I’m trying not to think of it as never, ever having sugar again, but rather as a break from it, to see how healthy I can be.

So, there’s one change.

The second is something I’m really excited about: volunteering! I’ve volunteered throughout my whole life, be it at the church I used to attend or otherwise. During the past few years, I’ve had to put that on the back burner due to teaching and school and everything else I’ve had going on. I’ve missed it. Yes, teaching is a way to give back, but I like feeling like I’m giving of my time in a way for which I’m not compensated. In August, I’ll be attending training for being an Adult Literacy Tutor, and will hopefully be teaching an adult to read. As a passionate reader, I can’t imagine a better skill for someone to learn and grow in.

There are a few other things going on that I’ll be writing about later…but trust me, they’re not nearly as exciting as you might be thinking. Still, exciting or not, I’m looking forward to feeling better. To being even more in control of my moods, emotions and thoughts and being healthy. I’m excited to give back to the world around me, at least in a small way.

I feel like I have all sorts of exciting thoughts and plans and ideas brewing—and I just can’t wait to enjoy my life even more.



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4 responses to “The times, they are a changin’…

  1. Sam

    You can do it. I think it’s very smart to not look at this change as a permanent change (because who could DEAL WITH THAT?) but as an experiment.

    And how great is it that you’re going to be an Adult Literacy tutor? That sounds so amazing. I would love to do something like that – it broke my heart, when I taught GED, that some people simply didn’t have the reading skills to do the work. Talk about a really difficult conversation. I just don’t know how people make it through life w/out the joy of reading.

  2. Madeline

    Hey hey! I think my crazy guesses made it in your post. I feel famous or something.
    Okay, okay… I knew you weren’t pregnant, but I was just so excited to hear what you had to say :o)
    And… I can pretty much ditto what you said about sugar and moods. I can calm myself by eating certain foods and having that control over my body by a FOOD (and not myself) is scary. Maybe I should take a look at that book.
    btw- can’t wait for our first meeting!!!! :o)

  3. I can’t wait to read the book, I think I’ll be in the same position is you once I’m done, I’m definitely a sugar junkie! It’s still on order at the library, the current reader hasn’t returned it yet, hopefully soon…

  4. Erika

    Good luck on your sugar diet! I think I might be one of these people as well. I’m going to have to check out that book. If it will help me with my moods and make me feel more healthier, I’m all about it! Thanks for this post! 🙂

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