A few more vacation shots…

We spent a morning at Lincoln Memorial Gardens…


A bench at the Lincoln Memorial Gardens—so true, isn’t it?


A close-up of Abe Lincoln’s signature, carved into every bench in the gardens.


I was so captivated by the Queen Anne’s Lace, and love the black-eyed susan hangin’ out at the bottom!


Don’t you just want to run through this field, like some Taylor Swift song or something?!


We were so close to this deer, who was just meandering along the path, eating greens as she went. Amazing!



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5 responses to “A few more vacation shots…

  1. I adore the quote on that bench – I use it all the time!
    I have actually never been to the gardens before… they look beautiful!

  2. Looks like a beautiful time, glad you had fun!

  3. Madeline

    I’ve loved reading about your vacay and seeing all the pics. EVERYWHERE you’ve been looks absolutely beautiful!!!! I want to go there! :o)

  4. Gina

    I’m wondering, was it the big bully Queen Anne that gave Susan the black-eye??

  5. It is soooo beautiful there! Wow! I want to go!

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