Vacation = Good For The Soul


Aaaaah, vacation. I can hardly believe that it’s nearly time for us to return home. And while part of me is ready to get back to my parents, my cat, my tiny apartment and my life, there is a little bit of sadness. It’s been such a nice trip, filled with time in the water, time in the boat, yummy meals, time with Andrew’s family…it’s been lovely. I do have a sunburn that’s pretty wicked. I was wearing sunglasses and everything else got fried on my face. I basically look like I have a sunburn mustache/beard, an angry forehead and a Rudolph nose. Plus, my chest and back are on fire. It was worth it, though—I had the best time out on the boat and floating in the lake, buoyed by a life jacket and looking up at big, fluffy white clouds.

Vacation, for me, opens up space for me to think. I get to step back and look at my life, examine it like you do an old shirt, holding it up and trying it on for size, making sure it still fits. I feel like I’m so lucky and blessed in my life right now. I have the chance to make choices about what I want to include in my life, who and what I wish to make time for, what food I eat, what I do and say and feel. It’s good to realize, as I read on a blog recently, that I can be “an entrepreneur of my own life.”

I’m excited about what’s to come.



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3 responses to “Vacation = Good For The Soul

  1. pinwheel28

    You know what I thought of right away when I saw this picture? Remember trying to water ski on the houseboat trip in high school? Haha. Good times. 🙂

  2. I agree, so refreshing. I always feel hopeful after a nice vacation. I analyze, plan, and attempt to make changes…it’s nice.

  3. CHi

    i’m so jealous!! i haven’t had my “looking at an old t shirt” moment yet this summer, but i’m sure it’ll come soon! looks and sounds like u n andrew had a blast and i’m glad! u deserved it! i can’t wait to see you when you get back!

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