Hello, from IL!

Well, we arrived in Illinois early, early, early this morning—about 12:27 am, to be exact. Upon landing, we were starving, and immediately visited our local Steak and Shake and enjoyed Chili 5-Way, a real Midwest delight of chili over spaghetti. It was delicious. It was great getting to catch up with Andrew’s sister, Paige, for a little bit before falling into bed around 4:30 am, Illinois-time.

Andrew’s home is right on Lake Springfield, and sleeping with the windows open is pure heaven. When we got into bed last night, Andrew and I both smiled in delight as the wind blew over us, and fresh air filled the room. It’s absolutely gorgeous here.

In my last post, I mentioned the Horsheshoe sandwich, and this afternoon, I had my first of the trip:


It was freaking amazing. Like, no kidding. I got the little one—the Ponyshoe—and had my tummy not hurt, I’d have eaten more of it. I know you think I’m crazy for waxing so poetic about a food, but you haven’t tasted that cheese sauce.

After lunch, Andrew took me to the park near his first house and we walked through it. It was absolutely gorgeous.








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3 responses to “Hello, from IL!

  1. Ohh my grandparents used to live just a couple of blocks from that park. I’ve spent months of my summers playing all around that park – wow. I haven’t been there in years so to suddenly see a pic of it totally brings the memories flooding back. Have fun in IL!

  2. CHi

    gorgeous amy! glad ur having a wonderful time! and that HORSESHOE looks fantastic!

  3. Madeline

    Food looks yummy, I love the picture of you two, and the flower pictures are sooo colorful! …pst! Are you using Picasa? Or is that the natural color? WOW!
    Have fun! Keep posting! I’m so jealous! :o)

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