Beret not included…

On Thursday, I hung out with my friend Leslie and we did some art stuff. Art and I have a very complicated relationship. You see, I love it. I like painting and being creative and the supplies and the whole thing; however, there’s one tiny issue: I’m kinda not so good at it. I tend to fumble around with paint, can’t draw to save my life and while I have good intentions, my “final product” always looks kind of lame. Sure, I paint in my watercolor/art journal, but it’s just for me and it’s usually just color or some very rough stuff to compliment my words.

Leslie is incredibly talented. I’ll try and keep the gushing minimal, but Leslie is one of those people who sees the world in a really unique way and then figures out how to make it prettier. Her art is amazing, as are her photography skills. On top of that, she’s freaking hilarious and spending time with her is always fabulous.

Anyways, I asked her for some art tips and she dealt with my attempts at “painting” and I learned so much. Now, I’m looking at my very empty bank account (payday’s Tuesday!) and this:


That is all the fun stuff I’d order that Leslie taught me about: masking fluid, ink, gouache…

I’m really looking forward to ordering it (or buying it at the store) and getting to play with my more artsy side soon. Maybe, someday, I’ll be kinda good at it.



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2 responses to “Beret not included…

  1. I have like no artistic ability at all. I have tried so many different ‘crafty’ things, and nothing ever sticks. Stupid ADD!! I have done paint by number, puzzles, sewing, rug hooking, cross stitch and goodness knows what else. I can’t draw and I have no patience to learn. LOL. I suck.

  2. Leslie

    You just made my day! You’re not so bad to hang out with yourself 🙂

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