Pub Quiz!

One activity that Andrew has gotten me really into is Pub Quiz. Pub Quiz or Trivia Night or whatever you want to call it is a huge quiz with questions ranging from science, literature and sports, to pop culture and music. It’s usually held at a bar of some sort, and people of all ages and backgrounds come together to answer questions and compete for ridiculous prizes.

Unfortunately, we’ve had some bad luck finding a place that works for us. We really loved our first Trivia Night, but few people did, so it was canceled after we’d been going for a few months. We tried a few others, but they either sucked or were canceled or it just didn’t work for us.

At long last, we may have found a place that works. We went last night, and were blown away by the number of people there for the game. The bar was huge and there were a ton of people there to play—in fact, they announced that if you intend to come and play, they’re no requiring reservations. Considering the half-hearted turnout we’ve experienced at other Trivia Nights, this was refreshing. The Quiz Master was fun and had a good personality. Plus, I’m not gonna lie: the barbecue chicken salad I had for dinner was the most amazing salad I think I’ve ever had. And that wins me over every time.

Here’s a few shots of our night:


The bar is a brewery, and I loved all the cool pipes and such that were on the ceiling, plus I have a love affair with skylights…


Our quiz master circling the masses. There were so many people playing that he had to announce the questions in different sections of the bar.


Our answer sheet. We got 21/30, which I’m pretty sure is our best score AND we weren’t in dead last, as we have been at many a pub quiz.


Someone is SOOOO TIRED of having his picture taken for my blog. Good thing he doesn’t actually read it too often! Hee hee! Love you, baby!

So, if these pictures have enticed you, you’re smart, you like yummy food, or you realize that I’m a fun girl to hang out with AND you live in the Sacramento area and want to come play with us, email me. Right now, it’s just the two of us, and teams can have six people. Big props if you’re a history buff or just know weird crap.



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7 responses to “Pub Quiz!

  1. Kristin

    Oh my gosh amy I so want to join you guys! I love trivia! Let me know when and where.

  2. Jen

    That sounds like such fun! Especially for a histry/weird crap major. LOL Next time I come out we’ll have to find one!

  3. That sounds like so much fun… unfortunately I’m a wee bit far from SF… but still, if I’m ever in the area…

  4. When we lived in the Silicon Valley, we used to go to a Pub Quiz all the time in Palo Alto. Oh how I miss it! Such great memories. And lots of free beer because I’ve inherited my dad’s trivia gene 🙂 We have found some in SF, but now we haz kiddo and just don’t get to do it that often.

  5. Leslie

    I wanna go! I would’ve gone with you guys last night if I hadn’t been too tired from our painting/Michael Jackson death watch/Jack’s/yogurt all day marathon 🙂

  6. Madeline

    Would love it!!!! And the BF totally knows weird crap.

  7. This makes me wish I lived in Sacremento, because I flove trivia like no tomorrow. I rock at Trivia Pursuit (win it every time) and know tons of random crap that is not useful in any other area of life. Fav category? Arts&Literature. Oh yeeah baby.

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