Random things I think you should know…

I don’t really have a whole story for any of these, so I present to you a list of what is currently on my mind…

1. Why, pray tell, is it that when I have NO MONEY, I find a zillion things I want to buy; however, when I have a gift card to spend, I cannot find anything I wish to purchase? What is that all about?

2. I mailed a letter last week, to two old friends and sent a Facebook message to one. We grew apart, and it’s been on my mind for months. I decided to finally bite the bullet and send them a note, apologizing for whatever made them not want to be friendly, and telling them I miss them. It’s been a reasonable amount of time, and I am driving myself freaking insane by checking my email and Facebook approximately every 29 seconds to see if they responded. Gah! Torturous! Even though there was a certain lightness for simply getting it off my chest, it’s now a worry as to whether or not they’re going to write back…and if they don’t, then what? Blah.

3. Am I the only one who gets offended when people don’t comment on my blog when I make a clear effort to participate in theirs? Sheesh, I’m not expecting a comment on every post, but COME ON. This does not apply to most of you, but one specific blogger who is my age, lives 15 minutes away and has similar interests, yet refuses to be friendly. I just don’t get it. Not at all.

4. While we’re on that topic, am I the only person who’s scared to friend online friends on Facebook and such? Eeek! I worry about the reaction I’d get…laughter? Oooh, Amy who? From what blog? Oh, that one I like to mock on a regular basis?

5. It came to my attention yesterday, while viewing Transformers 2, that the lovely, gorgeous, hot, perfect Megan Fox has a flaw. She has toe thumbs. I pointed it out to Andrew during the film, and then when I came home, noticed TMZ has an entire gallery dedicated to it. I have several friends who are super self-conscious about this particular thing, but I’m going to be snarky for a second and say that I was a bit relieved that such a gorgeous girl has a flaw. Sorry, I know that makes me awful, but…

6. Law and Order is becoming a serious problem in my life. I have never been a huge fan, but now, I’m sucked in! And the problem is that I’m a huge baby. If I start the episode, I must finish it. Or else I’m afraid that the rapist/killer/drug dealer is totally heading for my apartment.

7. Speaking of being a huge baby, have you seen the movie “Taken”? We decided to watch it a few weeks ago. If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve undoubtedly seen the part when Liam Neeson says to his poor daughter, lying under the bed, “This part is important: they are going to take you.” That part freaked me out. Big time. Andrew has decided that every night, just as I’m about to fall asleep, he comes over and spoons me, kisses me, and just as I’m relaxing happily, he whispers, “They are going to take you.” This of course spurs another round of me checking the locks on every single door in the house. UGH. I hate him for it. He’s lucky he’s the cutest boy in the world and such a good little snuggler that assures me that he’ll keep me safe.

8. I really want to find a cute neck warmer for fall. Also, someone needs to teach me to crochet. Quickly.

9. I decided against Roller Derby. Thanks for the votes, but after realizing that it’s more of a lifestyle than a team and my parents reminding me that I COULD DIE, I decided it’s probably not such a good idea. Having my knee hurt really sucked and I can’t imagine willingly subjecting myself to injuries.

10. Some will find this tacky and distasteful, but I found jeans, a denim skirt (an essential for a shirt I’m in love with) and a summer dress at Goodwill yesterday. Jeans are some fancy brand, skirt is Gap and dress is just adorable. All my size, including the jeans, which are also MY LENGTH (I’m 5″1!) ALL FOR $15. Yes, $15. And I am still planning to boycott jeans, but these were too good to pass up. I love thrifting. Seriously, love it.



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13 responses to “Random things I think you should know…

  1. I am kinda jealous that you were able to find stuff at Goodwill – that never happens to me. Never.

    Of course, I stopped going there over a year ago because they *never* have anything in my size, so that doesn’t help.

  2. 1. That happens to me all the time! It’s like stored know when I’m broke and that’s when they decide to have the most awesome sales.

    4. No, you’re not the only one. I am always worried that my request will be laughed at and denied so I end up usually not sending it.

    10. Tacky and distasteful? Not at all. Thrift store shopping is smart. You can get a lot of really cute stuff and still be budget conscious. I just wish the Goodwill here in town would actually have good stuff =(

  3. I am always scared of wh o tracks me down on facebook… I am the product of military parents and LOTS of people track me down, I always feel like I have to watch what I post.

  4. Sam

    You are so funny. I hope you weren’t too afraid to be my Facebook friend!

    No one should be ashamed of thrift shopping and finding some good deals…especially in this day and age!

  5. My sister has thumbs similar to that – we always called them ‘maiden-name thumbs’. Insert my maiden name for ‘maiden-name’. Because my Grandma, 2 of my uncles, my brother and sister both have them – I think they’re called hammer thumbs? Can happen to toes, too!

    It’s always nice to see a celebrity with a flaw. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Makes one feel SO much better about ones self!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE thrift store shopping! Don’t usually have luck with clothing (unless it’s for the husband – work shirts!). But I always have luck with finding vintage/retro kitchen stuff to feed my addiction. Found an Italian espresso maker (one of those metal ones that goes on the stove top) on Wednesday!

  6. Madeline

    Okay, gift card dilemma???? Totally happens to me all the time. I constantly have a wish list going on in my head, when I get a gift card??? I completely forget about all the things I want and stupidly buy things I need. Very strange
    I’m proud of you that you could send that letter. I have a few letters I could write too, but….guess I’m a wuss. Or I guess I just don’t care since they’ve been so insensitive to be friendly to me, are they really worth keeping as a friend???
    Okay, toe thumbs… I got nervous because I’ve never seen one and I thought maybe I had them. NOPE!!! Picture number 21 is the best of them all. woooo baby, that’s weird. Her nail is really wide- that’s what does it.
    And I’m SO jealous about the goodwill thing. Did you buy that stuff without trying on?
    And good thing you’re not doing Roller Derby….you could have died.

  7. I am a huge goodwill fan. I cannot tell you how many awesome things I have found there! I, unlike you, am not boycotting jeans and bought 2 pairs of gap jeans there yesterday. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thrifting is something I truly enjoy! So fun that you enjoy it too.

  8. chasingparadise

    Oh that sucks about #2. Like you, I will psychotically check my email/Facebook for any responses when stuff like that happens and then I wear myself out thinking of all the possibilities of what their non-response means. I’m trying to cultivate an “I don’t really care if you don’t want to be friends with me” attitude, but dude…it’s tough!

  9. That’s awesome that you found that great stuff at Goodwill. I never find anything good. Maybe because all the thrift stores in my area are picked over by the more motivated hipsters.

  10. I have the same problem with gift cards! I have about $500 to spend at Crate and Barrell and I can’t find anything. I need it to be something good!

  11. I heart Goodwill. I have found so many treasures at my local Goodwill! Including a pair of gorgeous, perfect Nine West shoes for $3. Awesome.

  12. Jenna

    Megan Fox scares me. I mean, I guess I can see why everyone’s gaga for her, but to me she just looks like a tranny. She has crazy eyes.

  13. I seriously think I could make some (stupid attempt at being funny) sarcastic remark on EVERYTHING you said here. GREAT thoughts, babe!!!

    But I think toe-thumbs is less weird than thumb-toes! Could you even IMAGINE how demented her feet must look!? Apparently, God messed up somethin’ fierce on that one! lol

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