Magic Moments

Here are a few little things that always make me smile:

—When I’m outside and it’s SO HOT I think I might die and a breeze blows across my sweatiness and I’m suddenly cooled off, just before I want to lose it.

—The second my body hits the bed after a long day, and I feel my skin against the cool sheets.

—The sound of a text message coming through, and seeing it’s from someone I’m excited to hear from.

—Dancing at a club when there’s that anticipation of the next beat dropping—the bass seems to drop out and then bam! Something harder and raunchier comes on and the crowd goes wild, dancing around you.

—Seeing the face of my favorite person, picking you up at the airport after some time apart.

—Opening the mailbox to “happy mail” a.k.a. anything besides bills!

—The light at dusk when the sun has gone down, but it’s not yet dark.

—Making eye contact with Andrew in the morning, and him pulling me in for morning cuddles.

—The smell of my shower gel when it seeps into the air when I first squirt it out.

—The pop of a champagne cork.

—The extra hour during “fall back” of daylight savings.

—Biting into a strawberry.

—Running into someone I care about at the grocery store.

—When my coffee is really, really good.

—Waking up from a really good sleep.

What everyday things make you smile?



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6 responses to “Magic Moments

  1. Jill

    fyi: expect one of your magic moments in 2-3 business days.
    thanks for the great list…it reminds me to look for magic moments in my day-to-day.
    miss and love you, friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. -Coming home from a long day to find my adorable kitties waiting for me at the door.
    -Coming home from a long day to find my adorable boyfriend has left me funny notes on the dry-erase board in the kitchen.

  3. Such nice things – a good list. I like walking down the street and noticing a house that’s painted the exact color of the sky, so it almost disappears.

  4. Madeline

    ***Making dinner and sipping wine with someone you love

    What a great list!!!
    The “raunchier” one made me laugh out loud. ha!

  5. Good, fun list ๐Ÿ™‚ A couple of mine: the perfect cup of tea, kiddo content playing alone with his toys and hubbs coming home from work early (and by early I mean when normal people come home, hehe).

  6. I love this post.
    And I love love love your blog.
    Your so honest and sweet.
    Seriously, awesome.

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