Sleeping To Dream

One of the weirdest, but also most interesting, things in my life are the crazy dreams I have. Just about every night, I have incredibly vivid dreams. While I knew that I had crazy dreams, I didn’t realize what an active sleeper I was until I started sharing a bed with someone else. When Andrew and I were at the start of our relationship, I sufficiently scared the crap out of him by having a particularly violent dream, complete with kicking and crying. No better way to convince your brand-new boyfriend that you’re a total freak than by having a creepy dream and kicking him. It was hot, I assure you. The super cool thing? He wakes me up, and I am fine and have NO CLUE what it is that I’m dreaming about. I suppose that’s better for me, but kind of traumatic for him.

Normally, my dreams are fun, albeit a little weird. I had a very detailed dream about camping in Yosemite with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and being their nanny. During the course of the dream, as we biked around the Yosemite Valley on our matching cruisers, Angelina told me I was “essential” to her family’s happiness and she didn’t know how she’d do it without me. Oh, I also worked as their private masseuse and frolicked in a lake with her beautiful children. This dream was totally unrealistic. I’m on Team Aniston, obvs!

Other dreams are just plain weird, like the one where my mom was stockpiling press-on nails and Method soaps in this pantry she built specifically for those two items. I’ve also hobnobbed on the moon with a variety of musicians, flown, and had crazy complicated dreams involving strangers and people I know doing things I’d never, ever do, like driving trucks long-distance across the country or living in a trailer. If dreams are a reflection of your subconscious, than I’m more screwed up than I thought.

Last night, I had a dream about my old workplace. I used to work at an art center for developmentally disabled adults. The facility was small, not well-maintained and had a very definitive odor. In my dream last night, it had been relocated to this amazing, huge new building. Everyone I worked with there was present, along with some other friends I haven’t spoken to in years. All of my old clients were there, making music and art and being happy. There were hugs and laughing and so much joy. It was so opposite the tension and stress I felt during my last days there. I woke up this morning, peaceful that I’d “seen” these people, but also a little sad because that dream was filled with so many people that I still miss, three years after the fact.

I’d totally rather go back to massaging Brad and Angelina in the middle of Yosemite.



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4 responses to “Sleeping To Dream

  1. Peggy

    Just for the record- I do not use press on nails!!!!! Ha!

  2. I’m exactly the same way! My dreams are either so real to life that it takes me awhile to realize that it didn’t actually happen, or they are so crazy and vivid that I WISH it would actually happen. And I frequently dream that I am back working at my very first job, Baskin-Robbins. Usually the place is totally frantic and I have no idea what the hell is going on. I usually wake up sweating with a racing heart.

  3. Kristin

    I had a dream not too long ago that I was at the Kardashian’s house and I was their maid. In my dream I thought we were all like bff’s but in reality I was totally just cleaning their house. Dreams are weird!

  4. So odd, Angelina told me the exact same thing…;) I have wierd dreams too, my brother in law always calls me the dream sharer. The dreams always make sense to me though, not to anyone else.

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