Everything’s Growing…

My little garden is blooming finally and I couldn’t be happier! A few photos:

yellow squash with blossom...

yellow squash with blossom...

What will soon be a red pepper...

What will soon be a red pepper...

First and biggest tomato!

First and biggest tomato!

Early girl tomato---finally growing!

Early girl tomato---finally growing!

Seriously, I wish I’d started gardening years ago. Nature is amazing and my little garden makes me beam with pride.



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2 responses to “Everything’s Growing…

  1. Peggy

    I love the garden pictures!!!!!

  2. Zucchini, capsicum and tomatoes? I love veges!! Cept tomatoes, blech. It all looks great, I’m only good with plants that require watering biannually lol. I have a lavender plant that someone at work gave me, it’s been on my kitchen bench for almost 6 months, waiting to be potted, poor lavender! Look forward to a harvesting update 🙂

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