Wreck This Journal, Week 2

Well, it’s been a week since I started with the Wreck This Journal crew.

Seriously, I know this whole anxiety feels pretty contrived to an outsider, I’m sure. “Oh, look at Amy, so nervous and silly for attention! I’m sure by the end she’ll magically be dancing like no one’s watching and living, laughing, loving like an inspirational magnet!” But really, folks: this freaks me the freak out. It’s so weird for me to defile books and do anything weird or arty in a book. In fact, I avoided doing anything until late Thursday night.

OK, maybe that had less to do with fear and more to do with my very aggressive TV and social schedule. Kidding, sort of. It’s summer vacation. Don’t judge me.

Anyways, I finally ripped some stuff and wrote some stuff. Here’s the evidence, in black and white:

I crumpled, as instructed.

I crumpled, as instructed.

Check.  I tore it!

Check. I tore it!

The torn paper looked kind of pretty...

The torn paper looked kind of pretty...


Happy Friday, fellow Wreckers! Looking forward to seeing what everyone has come up with.



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13 responses to “Wreck This Journal, Week 2

  1. Yay to making an awesome start! I love your sans-food grocery list! You’re doing great!

  2. mishmash29

    Great wrecking! I was scared too, and started nice and easy. Hey, you gotta build up your courage, ya know?

    Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach

  3. You are off to a great start. One step and wreck at a time … that’s what I am starting to say to myself and all of us who resist the wrecking flow. It can be hard to do when you love books. I feel you totally.

  4. heyy i worked in that same page too!
    yay for us!

  5. Oh yes, I’m totally getting this! It’s much, MUCH harder than it seems.

  6. I’m a little slow with my wrecking, but figure that working up to a big finish is what it’s all about!

  7. lauraruthhealy

    I love your non-grocery list!

    Keep on wrecking!

  8. Okay, I read your “about me” and liked you at once! Who could not? Very refreshing and your wrecking start is the best so far! Not too timid, just YOU! WooHoo!

  9. Hey there, fellow Wrecker and Middle School Teacher (I used to teach 6th & 7th grade history two years ago). I love your honesty, and that this scares you but you jumped right in anyway. Yaaaaaaaaay!!

  10. It’s a great beginning! Like most, iof not all of us, as the wrecking gains momentum, so will the abandon! 🙂

  11. Sherri

    Who needs food anyway? Ha ha! Nice start!

  12. I hear ya! But you know the best part of this process is getting to go at your own pace and making up your own rules. You can’t get it wrong.

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