Plot Twist!

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the moanings and groanings going on here in my blog, I’ve been working out nearly every day since April. The gym I attend is awesome, due to it’s kick-ass, boot camp-esque routines. Even though it’s been torturous at times, I’ve really loved going and was just getting to a point where I looked forward to sweating my guts out every single day.

Of course, as life would have it, I’ve been sidelined by a knee injury. BOO. Big boo.

The good news is that nothing is torn. My meniscus and ACL are both in tact, and there is little swelling in my knee. The bummer news is that I’ve irritated my Iliotibial Band, as well as some other ligaments and such within my knee. What does this mean? No running. No long walks. No lunges. No squats. No jumping.

Basically, none of the boot camp-y stuff I’ve been doing at the gym for the past few months.

My doctor suggested a little bit more time off (a few more days, tops) and then some very, very gentle cardio that has low impact on my knees, such as riding the bike at the gym, spin or swimming. I’m investigating my options, because I really don’t want to stop working towards taking better care of myself due to an injury. Plus, it was no shock to hear that my weight contributed to this, so if anything, I’m even more motivated to lose weight. My doctor suggested losing some weight and then seeing how I do with it.

So, some bummer news and pain actually ended up inspiring me even more…here’s to hoping that with some rest and even more hard work, I’ll be out at it again.

Happy weekend, friends.



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3 responses to “Plot Twist!

  1. Jen

    Ugh, such a bummer! At least it isn’t a torn something that needs surgery, though. Hopefully it will heal up for you soon!

  2. kel

    Oh, man. I feel really sorry for you. I know how much getting laid up sucks, especially when exercise is a huge part of your life….

    Take it easy, though, and don’t try to do too much too fast. The eliptical machines are always a low-impact, bearable choice….

  3. Sucks when you’re doing so well at things like exercise and something like this screws it up. Glad you got it check out though and it’s nothing serious. Having injured my own knees last winter, I wonder if some physio might help to heal you faster and also strengthen the affected ligaments/muscles for future protection?
    I had a whole range of crazy exercises to do, but they really helped. Of course I did wait a whole week after the accident before seeing anyone lol, I’m so blasé about stuff like that.

    All the best for a speedy recovery!

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