The post where I want your sympathy real bad.

A few weeks ago, I’d mentioned that I’d been having some nagging knee pain in my left knee. My trainer’s at the boot camp gym I go to assured me that it was likely due to the fact that I was suddenly so active and running significant distances. OK, and let’s cut the crap and just get it out there: I weigh more than I should, and that obviously stresses out my poor little joints. I’ve been icing and taking it easy and all of those good things you’re supposed to do, but it’s been bugging me.

Anyways, on Monday, I gave my hairstylist a massage. Before you get creeped out–I am a certified massage therapist and worked as one for a long time before teaching and my hairstylist and I trade services. I was on my knees for a portion of that and didn’t feel much. Later, I went to Andrew’s basketball game and had to sit on the floor for part of the game. When I went to stand up, it was excruciating and I limped out to my car. I iced it, elevated it and put some heat on.

I don’t even want to tell you what it was like Tuesday morning, but suffice it to say that I cried when I walked across the room. For lack of better phrasing, this sucks. Hard. Like, harder than your mom.

I never, ever thought I’d miss working out so much. I was starting to love it and really look forward to it. Oh, and I can feel my ass expanding by the moment. Not fun. I get to go to the doctor on Friday morning at 10:40, and hopefully get some good news. Until then, I’ll be on the couch, bag of veggies molded to my kneecap and watching even more reality TV.

*I probably should mention this now, while you able-bodied people are all out walking without crying and such, and remind you that I was nominated for TWO AWARDS. Surely, you have a big heart and don’t want me to be basically paralyzed AND lose in this contest, right? I didn’t think so. Anyways, click over, find my categories of Funniest and Guilty Pleasure, click ’em and vote. With all your email addresses. Your boss totally won’t mind if you use your work email. Just point your boss to my blog. They’ll love you. And so will I.



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4 responses to “The post where I want your sympathy real bad.

  1. oh my gosh, its my worst fear, the dreaded knee injury … i am sooo sorry and hope it heals up fast!! xo

  2. bwankel

    I have a bad knee too (long story). I completely sympathize.

  3. That Blog Luxe site is too clever, I tried voting twice in the same category with different email addresses, but it remembered my computer and told me off! Hope the knee feels better soon, may pay to get it checked out? I’m a big ‘she’ll be right’ fan, but it is persisting/getting worse, so could be good to get some advice 🙂

  4. When I first started running (hobbling? limping? wrunning?) my knee started KILLING me. One night I didn’t even get to the curb I was in so much pain.
    Joint supplements and real runner’s sneakers carefully fitted by a real runner’s store attendant seem to have fixed the problem.
    Hope your issue is just as easy to fix!

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