The One With The Ultimate Lameness

I have a confession to make. It’s not cute or fun and pretty much brands me as the biggest loser in the world.

I play Farm Town.

witness the lameness

witness the lameness

For those of you who are infinitely cooler than I am, Farm Town is a game. A FACEBOOK GAME. I was sucked into this ridiculous waste of time by one former Rocklin High School psychology/government/econ teacher with the initials B.A. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Anyways, when I started engaging in this ridiculousness a week ago, I thought that surely, I could maintain some lame, occasional Facebook game where I have MY OWN FARM and MY OWN GOAT. I get to plant, harvest, store and sell my wares at the marketplace. Plus, I get to visit the farms of my friends and help them by raking, watering and tending to their crops. Slowly, I’ve found myself checking it more and more often, and even muttering to myself in public, “Oooh, I forgot to harvest my potatoes!”

I didn’t realize how sick my addiction was until last night when the game went down. There was some massive server error, and it made everything disappear into thin air. I freaked. I kept checking the message board, seeing if it went down, if it was really gone forever. This morning, when I logged in, and I saw that it was back, I may or may not have done a bit of a victory “HURRAY!” and then harvested and sold and was totally delighted.

Lame as it is, this stupid game gives me ridiculous joy. I once remarked that I thought working on a farm would be great fun. Then, my mom reminded me about the planting, the harvesting, the mud, the animals, and the general hard work. This sort of gives me the pleasure without the work.

Excuse me, need to go plant some strawberries now.


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3 responses to “The One With The Ultimate Lameness

  1. YAY! I’m not the only one! It is completely ridiculous how much I enjoy that silly game. Right now I’m sacrificing farm cuteness for profit potential and I’ve got my entire field planted with sunflowers. I’m sad now that I don’t have a goat. We should become neighbors 🙂

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  3. Katy

    Ever considered playing Harvest Moon?? They actually make a game like that for, like, the Wii where that’s what you do… harvest your plants and milk your cows. It’s ridiculously addicting. And I’ve played it… I admit it.

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