Sunday Funday


Well, I’m kicking off the second week of my break, and I have some big news: I’ve decided to retire from work and stay happily at home forever.

OK, I’m kidding, and if you’re from my job and reading this (hopefully, your name is Britt, Alyson or Audrey and if not, REVEAL YOURSELF) I’m totally kidding, and yes, I realize I’m lucky to have a job in the Age of the Pink Slip. I miss my kids, co-workers and schedule terribly, actually. But you know, sleeping in and laying around isn’t too bad either.

Last week’s adventure with Leslie (where she took the picture above—she’s a damn good photographer), sans humping weirdo in the store, really reminded me how much I love to be creative and sort of expand my horizons. During the school year, I live and die by a bell schedule, alarm clock and lesson plan book, but during the summer, my schedule has more to do with when True Life is showing a good episode and if I’ve seen the new Jon & Kate: Plus 8. Oh, and if it requires me wearing more than Andrew’s baggy t-shirt and sweatpants, you can pretty much count me out.

The other thing is that Andrew works at home. This means that alone time is rare and very, very special. And while Andrew is my favorite person EVER and quite possibly the only human I can handle 24/7 contact with, I have to admit I got a little excited when he mentioned he’d be playing a poker tournament all day yesterday, and I could do whatever I felt like with my Sunday. After spending a bit of time with my ass attached to the couch, watching “My Best Friend’s Wedding” I decided to be slightly productive.

So, I was. I worked on modge-podging a clipboard, because I’m determined to have the world’s cutest classroom this year. I re-organized my art supplies and pulled out my watercolor stuff. I cleaned the kitchen really thoroughly (also known as “meditation of the highest order”). I took a bath and wrote lists while in it. Gave myself a mani-pedi. Baked peanut butter cookies. Did some planning and dreaming and thinking while listening to music.

It was a nice day. Sure, I missed my little love muffin baby bear (kidding, we’re gross, but not THAT grossly affectionate) but it was a good day. I remembered what I love to do. It made me realize that I need more time to do what I love, to be creative and participate in activities I enjoy. It’s something I am hoping to remember when I make my epic return to the classroom in 7 weeks…

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