Favorite Things Friday

These are the things I’m in love with this week…maybe you’ll love them, too:

1) I’m really loving listening to Eric Hutchinson who was featured on So You Think You Can Dance. I’d recommend both, but Eric’s music is fantastic and I’m hoping to catch one of his shows in Cali pretty soon.

2) I am really, really dying for these notes because HOW CUTE IS THAT FOR A TEACHER?! I’m serious! I know I don’t teach little one, and I usually despise teacher swag, but those are adorable. I looked at Etsy for approximately 10 minutes yesterday and now I can’t go on it again for approximately 6 weeks because I spent about $500 in that time. Only in my mind, obvs.

3) Picasa, by Google. If you take semi-awful pictures like I do, Picasa will fix them. Download it. I know I already raved about it, but for the love of pete, just do it.

4) Pluots. We picked some up at the Farmer’s Market last week, and they are so yummy! I’m hooked.

5) June Gloom. It’s been cloudy and cool, even here in Nor-Cal, which is usually a So-Cal thing this time of year. I’ll take it. Me not sweating + it not being painfully hot out = a happy Amy.

6) Fashionist. I’m slowly regaining an interest in fashion, and this site is great because it features “realistic” style of normal looking people in San Francisco, one of my favorite places. I like that the women are normal looking and it’s “real.”

7) Cream of Wheat. This is an “approved food” for my diet and I’m IN LOVE with it all over again. Cream of Wheat reminds me of mornings with my dad, a fellow enthusiast, something that never fails to make me smile.


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  1. Thanks so much for the nod to my teacher flat notes. 🙂

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