Mid-day Drinking…Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh!

My friend Leslie and I decided to spend an afternoon hanging out, eating healthy food and drinking Skinny Girl margaritas. On my way over to her house, I stopped to procure limes for our drinks. I was in line with my crapload of limes (we meant business!) and there was an admittedly attractive gentleman in front of me purchasing a six-pack of Blue Moon. In front of him was an elderly woman buying out the ENTIRE FREAKING STORE for her grandson’s graduation party, which would have been cute had it not taken my cashier forever to check her out. I set my plastic bag of limes down when a woman approached, clutching an orange and a yogurt, and drinking the world’s largest, most whipped cream laden Frapuccino I’ve ever seen.

She began calling out, “Hey! HEY!” to the guy in front of me. When he turned, she squeezed her orange and said, “Do you need some of this for your Blue Moon?!” He offered a courtesy laugh and said, “Yep, definitely going to have some of that!” before turning around.

The woman then moved on to me: “And you’re buying some limes, huh? Gonna have some margaritas?” I half-laughed and nodded. It should be noted that one of my biggest pet peeves is people asking me questions about my purchases when I’m grocery shopping. Just leave me alone! I just want to get the hell out of the store. I’m not there to make friends.

Seriously, though, my annoyance didn’t end there. No, the woman wasn’t done.

“Mid-day drinking! Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh!” she said.

And then she freak danced me. Yes, she raised her arms, and gyrated her pelvis in my general direction, until HER BODY TOUCHED MINE. What. The. Hell. Who does that?

She then informed me that she used to drink all the time. Until she got a job. And boy, did that suck. I smiled and tried to be nice while recovering from the shock of having some stranger rub up and dance on me. In the grocery store. Not the club. SAFEWAY.

Anyways, once I was done being violated in the grocery store, I made my way to Leslie’s, where we had a lovely afternoon. We spent our afternoon drinking, eating an amazing salad, yummy rice and drinking before heading to the river to take some photos. Leslie is a talented artist and photographer, so she showed me some tricks on my camera and introduced me to the new love of my life, Picasa. If you haven’t downloaded their editing program, DO IT. Because if it can make me, a less-than-average photographer have decent photos, I assure you, your photos will be awesome. Here’s a quick sample of a few I took:






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3 responses to “Mid-day Drinking…Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh!

  1. Hmm… me thinks somebody is drinking on the job lol. I like how the margarita recipe says: ‘we’re not sure how many calories the Skinny Girl Margarita has, but it’s probably significantly less’. Great photos too! Did you make a wish on the dandelion? I haven’t done that in years… maybe I should go on a dandelion hunt, might bring me some luck.
    I kinda wished I’d spent a bit more and invested in a decent camera last time I bought one, I see so many inspiring pictures online. Then again, I probably wouldn’t use it to it’s full potential anyway. Glad you’re enjoying your summer break so far 🙂

  2. Gina Savage

    TERRIFIC pics!! job well done…

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