I’ve been ASSESSED..again.

Well, today was my second assessment for my gym. As I mentioned earlier this week, it’s been a crappy week where I’ve seen few results, thanks to the joys of being a girl and the shitty knee injury. I was really, really discouraged last night by the fact that I feel like I’ve seen such few results on the scale as of late.

Anyways, I refuse to post what I started at, body-fat wise and such, but I will share my number results:

Body Fat: -1.2%


Waist: -.25 inches
Hips: -1.25 inches (WOO HOO!)
Arms: same

Strength (measured in terms of how much more I could lift)

Squats: +50 lbs.
Number of Push-Ups in 2 minutes: +32 more
Number of Sit-ups in 2 minutes: +3 more
Number of Bench Dips in 2 minutes: +29 more
Number of Pull-Ups in 2 minutes: +5 more

While there were results, I must admit I am slightly disappointed. With the exception of my hips shrinking dramatically, I feel like there is much to be desired here. Andrew and I will be starting a very, very strict diet as of tomorrow and between that and the additional time I’ll have to do some extra cardio on top of our daily trek to the gym, I hope to see more.

Still, progress is progress, and as my trainer reminded me, it’s a journey, not an instant results thing.


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