Crank That Stanky Jerk Legg

Today was the last day of school, and it was awesome. My students came all dressed up and looked absolutely darling…so grown up! Honestly, there are no words I can say for how much I adored my kids this year. Saying goodbye nearly shattered me and there were lots of tears on both sides. I was so honored and touched by what students had to say. I felt so loved by my kids and their parents, and so, so, so proud.

A “secret” thing about me is that I love to dance. Spending the night on the dance floor with a drink in hand (OK, and several empty ones sitting near me) is one of my favorite things to do. My students also LOVE to dance, and while I refuse to be that idiot teacher who makes an ass of myself on the dance floor, when kids want to teach me coordinated dances, I can’t refuse. It’s fun for them to see me be ridiculous and it’s fun for me to feel hip and stupid at the same time.

Last year, my students taught me to do this:

That, my friends, is the Soulja Boi dance, also referred to as “Crank That”. I suck at it, but it’s fun and as one of my students put it, it doesn’t matter if I screw up because “I’m old.”

Today, in honor of graduation, I was taught two new dances. First, the Stanky Legg, which is basically like the ghetto Hokey Pokey, where you stick one leg in and shake it all about:

It’s pretty easy and I guess I’m not so “stanky” because I got a lot of cheers and was told I was “doin’ it big.”

Next, I attempted to learn to dance The Jerk. Ummmm, well? Not much to say:

That video isn’t very “organized” but you get the idea. It also resembles pretty much what I see on a daily basis at lunch, before and after school, and definitely today at promotion. Dance is a big deal for these kids, and it’s so fun to watch them.

So, yes, while I may have acted a fool and will never, ever bust those moves out at any time (don’t ever ask, friends, sorry!), it was fun, and I will never, ever forget those kids teaching me how…



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2 responses to “Crank That Stanky Jerk Legg

  1. Sam

    I think it’s WONDERFUL that you have them teach you dances! Talk about validation – as much as I believe teachers have to be authority figures, they also need to see you as human! I wish I could dance at all; just not my gift. I was always the girl on the back row, and the one they had to give the easy steps to in shows, otherwise I would get my feet tangled up and topple over!

    Happy summer!

  2. As a former dancer, I’m psyched that kids are getting into dance again. That being said, this all looks less like dance and more like (to quote “Sliding Doors”) “some sort of sponsored epileptic fit.” Ah, kids. 🙂

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