Haha. That title is super lame, I know. But, since I got 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night and have the world’s most raging headache right now, I really don’t care.

Anyways, how’s your week going? I’ve been lost in a blur of end of the year work, yearbooks, lesson planning, summer planning and writing 103 notes to my precious students, which makes me cry and feel all sad that they will soon be gone.

In between all of this, I am still working out. Every. Single. Day. OK, except for two days last week, one of which I skipped due to work, and one because one of my best friends was in town from Washington DC, so dinner and fro-yo were definitely in order. But, I digress.

The good news is that I’m getting to that point, mentally, when I really look forward to the gym everyday. It’s an hour where I’m not making dinner or sitting in a meeting or having 13-year-olds repeat my name over and over again. I can just blow off steam, not worry and enjoy sweating my guts out. Also, I’m seeing slight improvements: running is getting easier, I can lift heavier weights and I’m able to do a bit more each day.

The bad news is that the scale is not budging this week. It’s a special time in my month, where I retain every ounce of fluid I consume, cry, act like a giant bitch and generally feel like I weigh about 50 pounds more than normal. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, congratulations on being a boy or a totally clueless female who needs to watch a special video reserved for 4th graders.

Other big bummer of the week: I hurt my knee. Not seriously, but apparently, the impact of my fat ass hitting the ground while running makes my knee scream out in pain, leading to a nasty pain under it that my trainer calls “Runner’s Knee.” It should probably be referred to as “Huffing and Puffing At A Snail’s Pace While Looking Like An Idiot Knee” for me, but whatevs. The remedy is no running for a few days, icing the heck out of my knee, ibuprofen and rocking one of these bad boys:


Is it wrong I’m a little proud of it? I’ve never been an athlete, and therefore I’ve never ever been able to wear something like that. I mean, I’m an indoor gal, and there’s no support for wrists overworked by holding up books or anything crazy.

The other cool thing is that this whole being unable to run thing? Makes me want to run more. This should reveal a lot about me. Tell me I can’t do something, and I’ll want to do it more. Such a Taurean characteristic. But it’s true: I’ve already shared my secret dream of being a runner. Andrew and I were totally discussing how much we want to be runners, even if it kills us. I totally want to look like this:


But for now, I’ll settle for running my mile and a half for my assessment on Saturday under 20 minutes.



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2 responses to “Determi-KNEE-tion

  1. Wellll…..if I may. “Runner’s knee” is not exactly “runner’s knee.” Meaning: everyone just thinks it’s a stressed out tendon and the advice given about it (usually to ice, stretch, run less, etc.) is insufficient because it only treats the symptom. If you’ve been to hell and back with a running injury as I have, though, you end up studying a lot about how the body works because traditional doctors view how it works very differently. Traditional docs just told me that my foot would be f-ed up forever and wanted to shoot me up with cortisone or have me wear an orthotic for the rest of my life for pain management. So, I prefer to go with the alternative docs (such as my osteopath/chiropractor) who actually fixed my foot and got me running again through a series of correcting misalignments in my body AND teaching me postural things I could do, alternative stretches, etc. If you’re getting runner’s knee, there are mechaical misalignments in your hips and body that are causing things to be off balance and they need correction or they will only ever get worse. Don’t freak–EVERYONE has these misalignments, and for those who get them looked at before they become a serious problem, and for those who start getting treatment, it’s all okay. In a way, you can now be proud–you’re an ATHLETE now, girl, so body work is almost certainly going to become a necessary part of your life. It’s a badge of honor. I know you live in Sac-Town and it’s a haul, but you might want to call my doctor, Dr. Paul Walton in Orinda, to see if he has recommendations for someone who lives closer to you. I unfortunately wasted some time and money on some real quacks when I first got started. And definitely make the time and investment to go to “On the Run,” a store that is located near Golden Gate Park in SF (if you come on a random day like an early Tuesday afternoon, you won’t hit any traffic in SF). At On the Run, they can do a computer evaluation of your feet and fit you with the right shoes, plus give you a good all-purpose orthotic. Okay, okay, I stop with the advice giving now. I usually hate to be so pushy with it, but man oh man do I wish someone had been pushy with me, way back in the day.

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