Why you so wish you were my boyfriend…

Because than you, too, could be subjected to these sorts of GChat’s:

me: i just found the blog of someone so fun
i wanna be a fun girl

Andrew: 🙂

me: like, the kind that can dress up and let loose all the time and be silly
i not fun. i serious.

Andrew: you’re fun

me: also, this girl never wears pants. i think i’m going to stop wearing jeans.
i’m serious. they make me look fat, they never fit, and i love dresses and skirts. i don’t know why i torture myself. i just need to invest in tights
and cute boots
and say, screw you jeans!
plus, you yove me in dresses

Andrew: lol
screw you jeans!

me: i hate jeans
like, they never, ever fit
maybe i’ll like them again when i real lil
but even then, jeans are not made for short girls

Andrew: yeah


me: random: do you have tom petty on the lappy?
or the desky? {translation, for those of you not used to my lingo: the laptop or the desktop computers}

Andrew: no clue

me: i heard a 4 song block by him this morning: american girl, here’s comes my girl, last dance and freefallin’
and i fell in love with him once again

Andrew: i haven’t opened itunes in a while

me: he’s summer music fo sho!
i need to get on the downloading
i wanted to don a bandana headband and smoke a cigarette while wearing a wifebeater

Andrew: please no

me: haha

Yes, these are the things that fill my mind, and the sorts of thoughts I subject Andrew to.

Lucky guy, huh?


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