Things I Can’t Live Without…

After last weeks list of things I don’t understand and having seen lots of Do or Die list posts and other 10 Essentials type posts, I thought I’d let all you dear readers know the things that really, truly make me tick and feel really, really happy.

1. Coffee. Yep. It’s a daily thing. A need. I have a french press at home and a small coffee pot in my classroom. And you can bet that if I don’t have those options, you’ll find me with Starbucks in hand. As ridiculous as it sounds, coffee is a total joy in my life. I look forward to it every morning. And believe me, those rarities when I don’t get it are ugly for all involved.

2. Good pens + white legal pads. I have an anxious mind. No doubts about it. Plus, I like to make lists about everything. White legal pads are my favorite kind—clear, easy, room to write. And the pens are a very big deal. Right now, I like Paper Mate Flair pens, which are a hybrid of a marker and a pen. Other favorites are Pilot gel pens. Basically, anything that’s not just a lame ballpoint. Blech.

3. Harry cat. I’m definitely a crazy cat lady and you know what? TOTALLY FINE WITH IT. I love him and his little furry loves and kisses and everything about him.

4. Good music. I am one of those people who always has music on. Even in my classroom, if there’s work time or any other opportunity for me to listen to music, I do it. Again, cliche? Totally. I just need it. Music makes me laugh and cry and feel a million times better about my life.

5. Post-It Notes. I never knew my extreme need for Post-It’s until I started teaching. I have to have them. I use them for everything, from jotting down short notes, to marking pages to posting reminders of the million things I need to do. They’re a constant and I should totally buy stock in them. Honorable mention: those little flags and write on tabs. LIFE CHANGING.

6. The Internet. Twitter. Facebook. Blogs. Email. IM. GChat. All of them are daily necessities. I used to be embarrassed about my love for all things social media, but I don’t care. Love them all, use them all, needs them.

7. Snuggles/Hugs/Kisses from Andrew. Insert vomit noises. We’re a totally snuggly couple and I need it. Love my boyfriend and love those little romantic moments that make my day so much better, every single day.

8. TIGI Curls Rock. This is a new product in my hair arsenal, but it’s amazing. It’s by the people who brought you the glorious Bed Head line, and I love it. It makes my curls curlier and far less frizzy—which is a big deal for a girl with crazy thick, curly hair. Love it! NEED IT.

9. Chocolate. Obviously, with the diet extravaganza around here, it’s not happening oh-so-much anymore. But the tiny piece of Dove chocolate I consume each day at lunch? Pure delight.

10. GUM. Sugarless Bubble Yum and/or Extra Watermelon Gum and/or Orbit Spearamint. All the time. I’m an addict. Plus, I’m super, super paranoid about smelling bad so good breath is a must.

What are your essentials, needs or natural highs?



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2 responses to “Things I Can’t Live Without…

  1. Gina Savage

    I notice some of the most fit people at the gym chew gum ALL THE TIME!! I wonder if it helps with the timing of the workout?

  2. Gah, this made me miss snuggling in a major way. It has been WAY TOO LONG since I’ve had someone to cuddle with.

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