My newly-discovered talent

This week has been kinda craptastic for a few reasons, namely work stress and my own weird bout of grumpiness for seemingly no reason at all. It’s been a real struggle to get myself to the gym, because when I get home, I’d much rather just lay on the couch in a pool of nothingness. I’m slowly learning that the gym really makes me feel a lot better, mentally and physically, making me a little less resistant.

The past two days have been particularly awesome at the gym. First of all, yesterday I had my weekly weigh-in and I was down five pounds from last weeks. FIVE POUNDS. It felt awesome to get on the scale and feel like all the hunger and the hours of grueling workouts are finally paying off. Plus, I definitely didn’t have to run that mile and a half that my trainer makes me do when I don’t make my weight goal.

Tonight, though—wow. I think I’ve finally discovered my secret talent. You see, we ran sprints. Not normal sprints, because like all running activities, I freaking suck at those. No, these were in partners, wearing harnesses. So, I would be in a loop at one end and my partner would be in the loop at the other. She would try and provide resistance for me as I ran down a little hill and then ran backwards back up it. This part was fine. Sure, I was exhausted from the running and the squats and the weights, but I could do them.

I shone like a star though when it came to being the resistance. My partner was the sweetest woman ever and was in pretty rockin’ shape. But I still held her back! I was great at keeping her from running! She even complimented me, saying that I was doing a darn good job of making it super tough for her to run.

So, hooray guys! Apparently, I’m super awesome at being a FAT LUMP TO PULL AROUND. Definitely could have told you that prior to the gym.

Being told I’m great at being dead weight was almost as great as Andrew telling me that he can tell I’m losing weight. Why? My boobs look smaller.

Awesome. I’m a small-boobed dead weight.

Banner week, I tell you. BANNER WEEK.


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