7 Things I’ve Learned While Losing 7 Pounds…

Well, I’m down seven pounds in two weeks, which is not a whole lot in light of the 50+ I need to lose, but since I’m participating in Operation Muffin Top(ple) with my fellow fatties, and so many of you have been ultra supportive and on the same journey, I thought I’d share the Top 7 Things I’ve Learned While Losing 7 Pounds…

1) The old adage is true: “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This is the ultimate truth in any goal, but in weight loss, it seems extra true. Planning is key. I made a meal plan with the help of my trainer, and every single night, I make my lunch. This eliminates the morning rush and ensures I’m not forced to stop and get something “bad” for lunch. My gym has a strict class schedule, so I enter the times I plan to attend classes and the name of the class into my phone and Google Calendar so it reminds me every single day of when I’m supposed to be there. I have learned that I need to make working out a priority—putting it on the calendar does it for me.

2) Find a buddy. I know, I know—I’m extraordinarily lucky in that I have a built-in partner since Andrew and I go together. But seriously! Find someone—a friend, your mom, a co-worker, someone you meet at the gym who seems kinda cool. But I know I’ve had days when I don’t want to go, or I want to eat something delicious or Andrew has the same struggle, and we’re able to keep the other on track. The emails traded between my Muffin Topple ladies and I have helped me too, as have emails I’ve received from those of you who’ve commented and shared. Find people to encourage you, and connect. Make plans.

3) Cute workout clothes. I don’t have many; however, I really like to feel comfortable when I work out. I’ve worn old t-shirts and hole-covered sweats but I really love it when I wear my black workout capri pants and my workout tanks (on sale at Target, yo!). I think I feel more comfortable when I feel semi-cute sweating like a pig.

4) Find something to look forward to. My trainer thinks I’ll be at a healthy weight and in great shape by November. November!? It’s not that far away. Whenever I feel like quitting, I think of how awesome it’ll feel to not be hiding my double chin in holiday pictures, and the cute dress I want to rock on New Year’s Eve. And when I’m feeling super adventurous I browse bikini’s and think about how hot I’ll be by next summer.

5) Music. I need it. If I’m doing any sort of cardio, it’s a must. I try and change up my playlist regularly so I don’t get bored. I like to really fill it with the most positive music I can so that I try and feel somewhat positive while I’m doing something that’s not my favorite.

6) Eat every 3 hours. No, I’m serious! I eat between 200-250 calories every 3 hours. I usually eat something at 7, 10, 1, 4 and 7—this means I’ve had breakfast and a snack, lunch, a snack before working out and dinner. Oh, and I drink nearly a gallon of water a day. It helps with the hunger. I’m trying to keep my calorie intake between 1100-1300 calories a day, per my trainer…this works well, so that just when I’m getting hungry, I know I get to eat very soon.

7) Treats! I eat 100 calorie treat every day: either a Hostess 100 Calorie pack or 2 pieces of Dove chocolate. Something sweet. If I want a larger treat, I usually try and wait first and see if I really want it. If so, I find a way to make it work: via extra cardio, skipping a snack and eating a small portion of it or, at the end of the day, giving myself a reward.

While I realize that these are not revolutionary tips, this is the truth of what’s helped me. What’s working—or not working—for those of you also on this journey?



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2 responses to “7 Things I’ve Learned While Losing 7 Pounds…

  1. There really is no magical answer or secret, there’s nothing revolutionary in weight loss! Exercise up, calorie intake down. It’s the ‘how’ that is always the problem, and you’ve got it sussed. I need to take inspiration myself, I’m too scared to get on the scales right now, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be 7lb UP, after I managed to lose that much earlier this year and keep it off till about mid-April (Easter, of course!). I need to remember to get back to basics: planning, planning and more planning, plus make it a little fun and have a little treat every now and then, which is exactly the combo that is working for you. Also, 7lb is a huge achievement! Only 3 more pounds and you’ll be a massive TWENTY % down on the 50 you want to lose.

  2. i am inspired by your choices to live a healthy and active life.
    even though weight loss is not necessarily my ultimate goal, feeling healthy and being able to jog (without feeling like death) is something i’d like to accomplish.
    your seven nuggets of wisdom are great – and they just plain make sense. spreading out my eating (not snacking and eating one mega-dinner), making a deliberate plan to exercise (calendars are my fave, too) and having something to work towards – all things i need to do in order to get this healthy living thing rolling.
    i love reading all of your updates – and wonder if you could share the torture tactics that fitness md uses so your doting readers can try them, too. 🙂

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