26 Things I Love About Andrew

“When we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness, and call it love – true love.” — Robert Fulghum


In honor of Andrew’s 26th birthday, I thought I’d post a list of reasons why I’m so glad I get to share my life with him.

1) You make me laugh, every single day, more than once, and usually at myself, which is something I need to do.

2) I know that you always want to make my life easier, and you always do, without fail.

3) You tolerate me on the tennis court and in every other sort of athletic pursuit we’ve tried together, even though you’re a million times better than I am and still make it seem like you’re having fun.

4) You’re an “ideas man” and I so love that about you.

5) We have our own special language, and I love that we can literally have endless conversation and no one would ever know what we’re talking about.

6) I love that you’ll listen to my rants about teaching without a complaint, and usually with an awesome idea or insight I hadn’t thought of.

7) Watching and listening to you explain scientific stuff to me is fun because you’re so smart and passionate about it.

8) I love watching your relationship with Paige, and I think you’re a great big brother.

9) You’re the best cuddler of all time.

10) I can totally abandon you with my family or my friends and you hold your own in conversation and interactions.

11) You can charm anyone in the whole world, and while I usually get heated when dealing with customer service or any other myriad of issues, you’re calm, cool and collected, and usually persuade them to see it your way.

12) Your practicality perfectly balances my emotional nature—we’re a good team.

13) I’ve never felt safer or more comfortable being 100% myself than I do when I’m with you.

14) Even when I’m vehemently insisting that I CAN DO IT and pushing and shoving you away, you’re always and forever in my corner.

15) I love your willingness to clean, cook and do laundry to help keep our life and apartment running smoothly.

16) You’re highly principled and even though it can drive me nuts, I secretly admire your ability to stand firm and not cave at all.

17) Making you laugh, and seeing that slow smile before you throw your head back, clap and guffaw is one of my favorite things and I strive to make it happen at least once a day.

18) You’re my favorite person to play games with, from Scrabble and crossword puzzles to Wit’s End and Trivial Pursuit.

19) You truly make me want to be a better person, while never making me feel bad about the person I am.

20) I love your spontaneity and ability to decide to do something right at a certain moment, and then just do it.

21) When I feel like eating poorly or skipping the gym, you’re there to encourage me not to, and sweating right beside me in the gym. I need that support, and you give it completely. Plus, you run laps with me even though you could lap me a hundred times.

22) Watching you with my students when you helped chaperon the field trip was the cutest thing ever. You were amazing at hanging out with them, calm while disciplining and took charge in a situation that would have stressed me out endlessly without you there to guide us.

23) You’re romantic in a totally practical way, but never fail to surprise me with your sweetness.

24) You are really, truly capable of anything and I know and believe that fully.

25) I adore the fact that you look just as cute dressed up as you do in gym clothes or pj’s, scruffy or shaved or having just woken up…you always look and smell intoxicating.

26) You make me feel so loved and valued.

I love you, Andrew, and I am so, so, so glad to be yours.


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One response to “26 Things I Love About Andrew

  1. Christina

    Awwwww! He is a great guy. Please wish him a Happy Birthday for me!

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