There are some things in life that literally, for the life of me, I cannot understand the appeal of. I just don’t get it. Why, why, WHY do people like these things?


Anime. What the hell, people? It’s a cartoon. It’s an annoying cartoon. The storylines are lame, they talk funny and make weird noises. Teaching middle school, I have a lot of students who freaking love it. They read the books and watch the DVD’s and talk about it. At first I thought it was some sort of childish obsession, but then I went to Borders and saw some GROWN MEN laying in the aisles, reading the latest Pokemon or whatever. I just don’t understand some cartoon novel that you read backwards, with girls that say, “Ohhhh!” at every turn. NOT MY THING.


For a long time, I used to claim I hated U2. Then I realized that I like a lot of their songs…most of them, actually (despite the fact that they all sound the same). It hit me: I HATE BONO. I think he is self-righteous, annoying and waaayyyy over-hyped. His arrogance bothers me to no end. And ugh. I think he’s ugly, too. I just don’t get the hype. Not even a little.

family car stickers

Why? Why do people do this? I just don’t get it. Why do you want everyone to know how many kids you have, how many pets you have, and your names? Listen, I don’t care. When I drive behind you, I’m interested in one thing: DRIVING. Why do you need to advertise your family? What next, a bumper sticker version of your resume? Your family’s medical history plastered on the back window? Sorry, just not even a little interested.


Sports. Maybe this is a cliche teacher argument, but seriously? These guys get paid millions to throw a ball towards a hoop in a game that DOES NOTHING FOR ANYONE but I struggle on a teacher’s salary while teaching kids to read and write?! Something is terribly wrong here. Oh, and those of you that get all bent out of shape over your sports team losing, WHY DO YOU CARE? Why? Does it affect ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE? Will your dog die if the team loses? Do you get a raise if someone scores a touchdown? DIDN’T THINK SO. Calm it.


God, the only thing worse than real sports is fantasy sports. What a waste of time! Hey, let’s take a fake game that doesn’t matter already, and then I’m going to waste my time making another fake team that is going to suck HOURS OF MY DAY AWAY and compete with my friends. Hooray! SO LAME. Watching Andrew “set his lineup” and obsess over his “stats” is so freaking irritating. I just don’t get the point of it.


Is there something funny about this show and I missed the joke? Because I’ve suffered through several episodes and have yet to let out even the smallest giggle. Looks ridiculous to me. Not even a little funny.


The first time I saw this, I thought that SURELY someone’s frat brother was playing a joke on his buddy. But as I slowly saw more, I started to realize that no, these people aren’t kidding, they really think this is some sort of a cool adornment for their vehicle. Is it because they have small ones? None of their own? Want everyone to know right out the gate, that they are assholes?

What trends do YOU not understand, friends?



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7 responses to “Things I DO NOT UNDERSTAND

  1. Andrew

    Bloggers. I can’t stand them.

  2. Amy Culp

    Dude! The stickers on the minivan window bug the crap out of me too! First of all, it’s like advertising to all the pervs out there that you have a little girl in the car and her name is “…..” in case you want to pretend that you know her so that you can kidnap her when you follow them to their house/school/gym. Okay, so maybe my dislike of that is more paranoia than pet peeve, but still I am with you!

  3. Jen

    Anime, truck balls, and fantasy sports…you totally hit the nail on those. And My Name is Earl, too. I had such high hopes for that show because I love Jason Lee, but…yeah, no.

  4. brittany

    I feel as though every conversation I have had while driving with my sister or husband have been encapsulated! This should take the place of Letterman’s top 10 because it is actually funny.

  5. I actually like My Name is Earl. It’s pretty funny and sometimes kind of sweet. It may be one you had to watch from the beginning. I’m with you on everything else though. Especially the truck balls. I want to meet the guy who came up with that idea, rip his balls out and hang them on my car.

  6. Some Anime is really good. Saying you hate all Anime is like saying you hate all (western) animation. There are trends, of course, but not all of them focus on squealing girls. Some of them are like Twilight, some of them are like, say, a really, really well done Disney movie.
    I don’t really have any real reason to defend it to you – I only like very specific Anime – but I guess it’s a bit disappointing to see everything lumped into one category when some of it is truly amazing art and tells a really interesting story.

  7. Christina

    Good call on all of those. You want to know something I can’t stand – magnetic ribbons on cars. I am sorry, but if you really want to support the troops, giving $3 to your corner gas station attendant is not gonna do it. And there is one for everything! And they look stupid! I think the magnetic ribbon people are conspiring with the “wear a colored plastic/rubber bracelet” people. Again, they look dumb and there is one for everything. How about you wear real jewelery and not make me guess what you are supporting by decoding the rainbow on your wrist.

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