Double Whammy!

Me, my mom and brother at Apple Hill...

Me, my mom and brother at Apple Hill...

Not only is this weekend Mother’s Day, it’s was my Mom’s birthday yesterday, too! So I get to celebrate her twice. And she is definitely someone who deserves to be celebrated as much as possible.

When I first started teaching, a student was asking me where something was while clearly doing everything but LOOKING WHERE I’D TOLD HIM TO LOOK. As I grew more and more frustrated, I finally busted out with, “Look with your eyes, not with your mouth!”

This is a classic catch phrase of my mom’s and it was then that I realized: I am becoming my mother.

For some, this might be some sort of an insult; something to be feared, but when I realize I am turning into my mother, I’m delighted. My mom is amazing. From the time I was a little girl, I’ve always adored her. I have vivid memories of Back To School shopping every year, a day when we would spend time shopping, eating lunch at a fun place and enjoying time together. One of our most memorable days–forever immortalized in my journal at age 7–was when we went to see The Little Mermaid and I got all sorts of Hello Kitty swag. Those days were so special.

It wasn’t just big days that were special—every day was fun with my mom. As a kid I have so many fun memories: eating quiche and Jell-O for breakfast and watching Fraggle Rock, Christmas traditions and a million other fun things. I remember coming home from school everyday and having a snack while talking to my mom. One of my most memorable snacks was the Snack Bowl, where my mom would mix everything from fruit to cereal to chocolate chips or marshmellows in a little bowl. It was always a surprise, and always presented with great fanfare. As I got older, these days continued on to things like surprising me with a shopping trip to get a new pink backpack (something I desperately wanted my senior year of high school) after the break-up of my “first love”, Friday lunches at On The Border and shopping while in college and surprising me with a Giant Cupcake pan when she came to watch me teach. Every day was fun, and even though I’m grown up, I will never forget all of the “little” things my mom did to make my days special.

The best thing about my mom, hands down (besides her lasagna, cheese bread, brownie trifle…OK, EVERYTHING SHE MAKES) is the way she makes people feel. I have seen more people tell my mom secrets and stories and open up to her about everything. And as her kid, I’ve definitely taken advantage of this. I value her advice and her ability to just listen to me about whatever I need to talk about, good or bad. People always feel welcome in her presence and she can make friends with anyone. Seriously. Her sense of humor is great, and she teases with the best of them. She is the nicest person in the world, but she also taught me to toilet paper and prank like an expert. My mom is sensitive, to me and to those around her, and has the biggest heart of anyone I know.

And the even better part? She’s MY mom. I have never for one second doubted that my mom loves me. She’s always on my team and in my corner, right or wrong. I hope that this trend of being more like her is one that continues, because I love, appreciate and value her so much. I couldn’t ask for a better mom, friend or role model in my life. I am so grateful that I have a close relationship with someone so wonderful.

I love you, Mom. Happy Birthday and Happy Mothers Day.



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3 responses to “Double Whammy!

  1. Amy Culp

    I am crying right now! What an amazing tribute to an amazing mom…..I hope that one day my daughter will feel this way about me.

  2. Peggy

    Wow- I am honered Amy. Having you for a daughter and Kyle as a son made being a mom easy and such a blessing! Thank you for your kind words and love. You are an awesome daughter who I am sooo proud of!! All my love forever,

  3. Jen

    Your mommy IS awesome! And I need some more of her bacon wrapped water chestnuts. Mine just don’t come out the same!

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