An apology

So, when I first posted about weight loss, I swore up and down that I wouldn’t turn this into a total weight loss blog, but here I am, talking about my fat loss again. Sorry, kids. It’s just kind of top of mind right now.

As I said on Saturday, my assessment was a freaking huge nightmare of a wake up call, realizing just how much weight I need to lose to even be in a healthy range. Yikes. Still, it has been just the kick in the butt I needed. I’ve eaten well since Saturday, been to the gym this week and have been planning ahead for healthy things to be ready to go. If there’s anything I’ve learned through this journey, it’s that the old adage rings true—“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Half the battle is the planning: making my lunch, planning our workout times (and entering them all on my phone and Google calendar, so I’m reminded throughout the day) and making the whole thing a priority.

I had a quick meeting with Randi, my trainer tonight. First of all, she’s absolutely flippin’ adorable, with one of those perfect, jiggle-free bodies, and who make the most demanding of exercises look painless and fun. She’s also genuinely sweet and positive and even though she’s been training me for barely a week, I so appreciate her presence while I’m killing myself every single freaking day.

While we were meeting today, she mentioned that there’s another program that I can be a part of called Weekly Weight Watch. Basically, I get to write down every single thing I eat in some form of a journal and show it to Randi every Monday. First of all, hello, ACCOUNTABILITY! Every week, showing someone every single morsel I put in my mouth?! Every. Single. Monday. This scares me enough. After I’ve shown her what I’ve eaten, I get to weigh in. While all of this was frightening enough, as we were wrapping up, Randi mentioned something else. Each week, I will set a goal of where I want to be the following Monday. If I make it, great. If not?

I have to run a mile and a half. After class.

For those of you following along for how much I hate running, that’s THREE BIG LAPS AND A LITTLE LAP. After an hour of ass-kicking workout. With a boyfriend who is hot and sweaty and dying to get home waiting for me.

While Randi may be sweet, she OBVIOUSLY understands exactly what motivates me. I will literally do anything NOT to run a mile and a half. Anything. Including, but not limited to, losing 2 pounds this week. You can bet your ass that you’ll find me in the gym, working my ass off, and probably up early doing some extra cardio, too. And where you’ll never see me is eating anything that will keep me from losing that damn two pounds.

No weight loss entry tomorrow. Promise.



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2 responses to “An apology

  1. kel

    Dude. i would kill to be able to run a mile right now. Stupid doctor’s orders.

  2. Mighty Mouse

    I like the weight loss stuff and I’m excited for you! All the tools your getting and support is amazing! Really! And while this sucks now, it’s going to totally pay off. Keep on trucking. šŸ™‚

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