Hey fatty!

I had a moment of weakness this morning, friends.

After my exceptionally happy evening last night, my good friend Chi, Andrew and I went out for celebration at TGI Fridays. We had some deliciously fatty appetizers (not good; however, planned for since I knew I’d be out) and two drinks. After which, by the way, I felt DISGUSTING. I don’t drink often any more, save for an occasional glass of wine, so two drinks really lights me on fire. My 22-24 year old selves are crying into a kamikaze somewhere because they are SO MORTIFIED that two Friday’s margaritas now push me into scary territory.

But I digress. This morning, I was not feeling my best, so I decided to stop and get a coffee and a donut. I’ve never been a huge donut girl myself, but for the past few months, I have found myself craving them. Like, seriously WANTING a donut all the time. Because I don’t like to reserve my emotional eating for only sad occasions—why discriminate?—I decided that I could continue last night’s celebration into this morning. The donut was delicious—fluffy, sweet, greasy and dripping with sugar glaze. I was really, really loving this thing as I sped down the highway to work. Apparently, I was enjoying it a little too much because I suddenly noticed I had some glaze on my hand. I, being classy as hell and having no napkins, went to lick it off. So, here I am, driving, donut in hand, LICKING MYSELF.

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice that the man next to me is totally watching me in horror. He smiled politely, the way all of us are inclined to do when someone is humiliating themself in front of us. I immediately drove faster and tried to escape his gaze.

I was mortified.

The good news about this moment is that it made me realize that I never, ever want to have it again. Starting to overhaul the way that I eat, adding an hour a day at the gym to my routine, and really making a more conscious decision to be healthy is a huge life choice. Never again do I want to be stared at for eating a donut like a little piggy. This was definitely an eye-opening experience and I am excited and more motivated than before to kick start this life change!



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3 responses to “Hey fatty!

  1. I’m really trying to eat better myself as well. I did really well until today, when I broke down and had some chocolate AND crackers.
    I’m so jealous of your gym membership present, by the way, as well. It sounds like a great program, and you seem really motivated.

  2. I both love and hate epiphanies like that! Good to avoid that slippert slope that is just so damn easy to slide down with one little ‘just this once…’ moment.
    You know what I don’t get though? If you were stick thin, noone would think less of you, but if you’re even a tad overweight, people are like ‘whoa, someone’s letting go of themselves, aren’t they?’. Such a prejudice. For all anyone knows you have a medical reason for your weight, or you’ve lost 50lb already and allow yourself one treat a week to keep you sane and that’s when you got caught stuffing your face. Not that I can talk, I know I let my prejudices get the better of me too, I just try to remember to think twice and put myself in the other persons shoes as much as possible too.

  3. Christina

    That donut was well deserved! And would it have been any different had you had a napkin and were dabbing the corners of your mouth in a lady-like fashion? You motivation to eat better, lose weight, etc is great, but allow yourself those treats occasionally! You deserve it! As for that guy, he is probably one of those morons who gets caught doing embarrassing things in his car all the time, like picking his nose or something, and was happy that for once, it wasn’t him!

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