Andrew says sorry, Mom

Our actual before bedtime conversation:

ME: “Night, baby. Love you.”

ANDREW: “Love you, too.”

ME: “You gonna keep me?”*

ANDREW: “Yeah…”

ME: “For how long?”

ANDREW: “Ummm…when did your mom start showing signs of aging?”

ME: “Are you saying my mom looks old?”

ANDREW: “Shit.”


*I know, I know, this totally makes me gag**




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5 responses to “Andrew says sorry, Mom

  1. Peggy

    You are dead meat andrew!!!

  2. justatitch

    Other readers: Peggy is my mom! HAHAHA!

  3. Jen

    Hahahahaha…classic! Go get ’em Peggy. :o)

  4. classic. i love these pillow-talk snippets — always a true show of what a relationship is made of.

  5. brittany

    This is just what I needed today, thank you!

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