Things People Say

Sometimes, I’m just freaking shocked at what people say. Listen, we all have occasional missteps, where we hurt people’s feelings or whatnot, but really? Here are some recent gems:

Regarding Andrew buying me a gym membership for my birthday: “Do you think he’s trying to tell you something?”

In response to hearing that my kids had super high scores on a test, and having my principal compliment me: “Oh, those tests aren’t valid—she’s not THAT good.”

After inquiring about Andrew and I’s relationship, and me saying things are amazing: “That’s shocking! You know…umm…you’re just…and he is…” {insert HUGE eyes, a la Ramona of Real Housewives of NYC}

During me sharing a lesson plan that was a big hit with my students: “Oh, I didn’t know you actually did creative things!”

When seeing my new short hair: “And you decided to go short WHY?”

While I know better than to take ANY of the above commenter’s seriously because that’s just who they are, and WHATEVER, it still just floors me. Who really talks like that? I am not saying I’m never rude, but for god’s sake…REALLY? Why can’t we just all get along, be happy for one another, see the good? Why is this so hard?

Watch your mouths, people. Seriously.

Anyone been rude to you lately? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

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5 responses to “Things People Say

  1. Okay, so this didn’t happen to me — or today, but your entry put it in mind and so I’ll leap on the chance to make a comment on your blog. (Trying to lurk less, you know.)

    My favorite teachers sister died, so some classmates and I decided to get her flowers before she flew out to the funeral. We drive the long way out of town to her house, get there, and give her the flowers.

    And one of my friends says: “We wanted to get them to you before you flew, in case you crashed and died or something..”
    And the other friend chimes in:
    “Yeah, dying is bad.”

    I think it’s the first time I’ve actually facepalmed without being sarcastic.

  2. Wow. Insane… especially that they let you hear these things! Sure, go ahead, think what you like about me, but keep it IN your head. I can’t think of any great examples right now. Either I’m wonderful, or just unaware of what people are saying lol. I’m going with the latter πŸ˜‰

    My thoughts on each of the above were more along the lines of:
    A gym membership? Great gift idea, practical and a good motivator to get over the cost hump.
    High test scores? Great lesson plan? Not surprised. Obviously haven’t seen you in action, but I can tell you take your job seriously and work hard to be the best all round teacher you can be.
    You and Andrew? Awesome, great looking couple!
    Short hair? Cute! I think you look great πŸ™‚

  3. Michelle

    WTF?! Who would say those things? Out loud? I too have had experiences where I just want to tell a person to STFU!

    Gym membership – anyone w/half a brain knows how expensy they are! I think it’s a great gift and one that I would be stoked to get. In fact if someone wanted to sign me up for one of those healthy eating plans where they deliver all the food to you, I’d be ALL OVER IT! Or sessions w/a personal trainer…oh yeah, I’d be all over that too. Oh, sorry, didn’t mean for this to turn into my wish list.

    Let the haters be haters – they wonder why they never come across success.

  4. So appalling. I’m really sorry people are so tactless and rude. πŸ˜›

  5. brittany

    What a special place to work, some people are so fortunate.

    Obviously, certain peole do not know you and are themeslves shall we say, ala Melda ‘ Jah — “stupid bald headed selves”!

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